b'Street-TouringSHIRE TRACTIONSBT106 SBT313FAX 1-888-238-1154Broque design features 45-5938 38 Suitable for city and touring BrownSuitable for city and touring 45-5939 39 Upper Classic design with quality full- 45-654040 Upper Broque design with quality full45-5940 40 grain leather45-654141grain leather 45-5941 41 Lining Comfortable, breathable, soft45-654242Franais 1-800-387-3359 Lining Comfortable, breathable, softmaterial padding around ankle material padding around ankle 45-5942 42 Closure Laces and Side Zipper entry &45-654343 Closure Laces & YKK Zipper entry with a45-5943 43 protective Velcro cover45-654444protective Velcro cover 45-5944 44 Stitching Double stitched in high45-654545 Stitching Double stitched in high stress45-5945 45 stress areas45-654646areas 45-5946 46 Sole Non-slip rubber sole with natural(B) Sole Non-slip rubber sole with natural45-5947 47 flex flex Insole D30 cushioning Reinforcements Built-in ankle45-5948 48 Reinforcements Built-in ankle English 1-800-387-7625protection & extra layered gear shift area (B) protection & extra layered gear shift areawww.fullboremarketing.caBlack45-68404045-68414145-68424245-68434345-68444445-684545Clothing45-684646(B)See Page 89 for EXUSTAR Shoe Conversion chart.91'