b'12V Replacement Parts & Accessories12V Battery HarnessE- Coax Female / Powerlet AdapterE-Universal Battery Connection Cord 12V Mini Plug Accessory allows vehicles equipped Connects your heated gear to the 12V battery on your vehicle with a Powerlet or cigaretteA built-in safety fuse protects against surges to ensure your safetylighter socket to connect to while out on a ride Venture heated clothing Compatible with 98.6 Also compatible with BMW, 12V Heated Pant Liners,KTM, Triumph, Victory and Jacket Liner, Vest (MenDucati equipped with & Women), Leatherfactory socketsGloves/Liners and Insoles Cord from Battery to (not including) controller 45-8832E-Coax 4 Female to Cigarette Lighter/Powerlet Adapter(B) 45-8826 E-Universal Battery Connection CordFAX 1-888-238-115445-8834 E-Universal Battery Connection Cord - 5 ft long(B)E-Coax 6 Y-Splitter Cable E-Coax 6 Female / SAE AdapterThe Y-Splitter Cable allows the connection of two pieces of 98.6SAE cable allows a SAE heated clothingbattery lead to connect to a Franais 1-800-387-3359Example: 12V Heated Pants andCoax connection (for 12V Jacket, from a single battery98.6clothing) Common SAE (battery charger plug) to 98.6 CoaxharnessRequires a fuse change from 3amps to 10 amps45-8829E-Coax 6Y-Splitter Cable 45-8831 E-Coax Female / SAE Adapter(B)(B)English 1-800-387-7625E-Coax 24 Extension Cable Cord Extension E- 4 Adapter SAE to Male Coax The 24 Coax Extension Cable is aTo charge battery heavy duty cable that allows theon a 98.6 Coax battery lead to be extended forBattery harnessyour convenience. 45-88334 Adapter, SAE to male Coax (for charging)(B) 45-8830 E- Coax 24Extension Cable(B) www.fullboremarketing.ca5-Level Waterproof Heat Troller by Warm & SafeElectronic, solid state design coupled with analog control for full range of heat, with minimum power loss. LED provides visual feedback for On, Off, Power Level & Polarity. Sealed switch with tactile On/Off with 300 deg. rotation, providing heat from 3% to full on. Waterproof and can be left out in the rain. Fits comfortably into the palm of the hand, pocket, and vehicle or just about anywhere!Harness made of auto. grade wire that is resistant to oil, acid, water & grime. Handles 15 amps at 13 volts with internal reset for Clothingoverloads/shorts & works from 7-24 volt. 45-8820E-Coax 5-Level Controller(B)87'