b'Textile & DenimCLIMATE JacketBlack Features: 46-4600S 3-Season versatile jacket46-4601M Removable large Panels (front / back ) turns 46-4602L jacket into Mesh 46-4603XL comes with Rear pocket to store large panels46-46042XL Adjustable arms & waistLong zippered vents on arms46-46053XL Black piping & reflective silkscreening46-46064XL Removable thermal lining46-46075XL 5-piece armour(D) FAX 1-888-238-1154Black DENIM KEVLAR Jacket46-7804 MFeatures: Franais 1-800-387-335946-7806 L Cruiser cut - caf styling 46-7808XL Kevlar patched shoulders/elbows46-7810 2XL Chest & back vents46-7812 3XL Reflective rear piping46-7814 4XL Adjustable waist and sleevesMesh lining(D) CE II armour includedColor: distressed black denim English 1-800-387-7625Denim KEVLAR Jeanswww.fullboremarketing.ca46-600030 (30) Features: 46-600232 (30) Traditional 5-pocket jean design 46-600434 (30) DuPont Kevlar lining 46-600534 (32)Kevlar blended (not patched) 46-600636 (32)Armour pockets 46-600838 (32) Full mesh comfort lining 46-601040 (32) Narrow cut; stretch cottonColor: Black Denim(D) Sizes: 30-40 (30-32 inseam) ClothingLANE BREAKER sneaker bootsee page 9271'