b'XD 4SolidINTERMEDIATEOVALWhite Aluminum SilverXS10-7003 XS10-7103S10-7004 S10-7104M10-7005 M10-7105L10-7006 L10-7106XL10-7007 XL10-71072XL10-7008 2XL10-7108(H) (H)FAX 1-888-238-1154Black Black FrostFranais 1-800-387-3359XS10-6993 XS10-7013S10-6994 S10-7014M10-6995 M10-7015L10-6996 L10-7016XL10-6997 XL10-70172XL10-6998 2XL10-7018(H) (H)English 1-800-387-7625FluorescentXD4 MODEL FACESHIELD USAGEwww.fullboremarketing.caYellow WARNING:Although the XD4-model shield will fit earlier XD versions, DO NOT INSTALL THIS SHIELD ON ANY XS10-6893 EARLIER XD MODEL. As there are no receiving ducts for this shields Brow Vents in earlier XD helmets, debris, insects, etc., might enter through the vents and interfere with the wearers vision and/or damage the eyes. Further, if the S10-6894 XD4 shield is tinted, light entering through the vent slots may distract the wearer.M10-6895L10-6896 O.E. ShieldXL10-6897 Anti-FogClear10-P03-14602XL10-6898 Anti-FogDark-Tint10-P03-1461(H) Anti-FogLight-Tint10-P03-1462(A) Helmets40'