b'RAM-XIntermediate INTERMEDIATEOVALOvalGun MetallicBlack FrostFrost XS10-5883XS10-58903 S10-5884S10-58904 M10-5885M10-58905 L10-5886L10-58906 XL10-5887XL10-58907 2XL10-58882XL10-58908 (H)(H)FAX 1-888-238-1154Diamond WhiteFranais 1-800-387-3359XS10-5873S10-5874M10-5875L10-5876XL10-58772XL10-5878(H)English 1-800-387-7625RAM-X www.fullboremarketing.caRAM-X 1. COMPLETELY REDESIGNED SHELL AND SHIELD SYSTEM: The RAM-X features the newly developed VAS-Z shield system, with a lower pivot point that allows the shell to be smoother in the temple area improving the helmets ability to slide more smoothly should it contact the ground or obstacles, contributing to gains in protection. This lower pivot position is possible due to the dual-pivot assembly, creating a Variable Axis System for which the system was named, allowing the shield to function where a single pivot could not.2. VENTILATION: Utilizing the same diffusers as Arais flagship Corsair-X model, with a revised stationary aero stabilizer wing to improve helmet stability and further reduce rider fatigue. Possibly the most ventilated open face helmet on the market today, and for those riding at slow speeds or in extreme temperatures we think you will agree.3. LIGHTER: A new resin (Z Resin) developed & blended in house, combining several resins with different characteristics, bonds the many layers and materials of the shell more securely using less resin, improving shell strength as well as reducing weight.4. PRO SHADE SYSTEM: Up, down or in the middle the new shield system adapts to many light conditions without sacrificing helmet impact absorption performance. The Pro Shades unique design lets air pass through even at high speed.Helmets5. GLASSES COMPATIBLE: Removable foam in the top of the earcup allows the arms of glasses to easily slide into the helmet. The earcups are easy to remove from the helmet and have removable covers for easy washing and access to this removable part.FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT THE ARAI WEBSITE ATARAIAMERICAS.com35'