b'Intermediate INTERMEDIATEOVALOvalFAX 1-888-238-1154 CLASSIC-VFranais 1-800-387-3359English 1-800-387-7625CLASSIC-V 1. ONE-PIECE, MULTI-DENSITY EPS LINER: Optimized from decades of research and development for maximum protection throughout the entire liner. www.fullboremarketing.caDesigned in concert with Arais proprietary outer shell, the multi-density EPS beads are molded into a single liner, maximizing energy absorption requirements as needed in each area of the helmet. This tuning maximizes impact energy absorption ability while maintaining a uniform and compact helmet.2. FOCUS ON PROTECTION: With a focus on protection, even our retrogets our peripherally-belted (PB-cLc ) shell, providing tremendous strength 2in an incredibly small and lightweight package.Adding reinforcement where needed, without increased weight or shell thickness.3. VENTILATION: This smooth, retro helmet is actually fully ventilated: air enters via three intakes, flows over the head and exits through a multi-staged channel that leads to all-new Venturi exhaust ports.4. BUTTON CLOSURE GOGGLE STRAP HOLDER: Completing the old school look is the faux stitched leather goggle strap holder that helps keep your goggle straps from sliding up the helmet when riding.FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT THE ARAI WEBSITE ATARAIAMERICAS.comHelmets 1 2 3 432'