b'Intermediate INTERMEDIATEOVALOvalFAX 1-888-238-1154 DEFIANT-XFranais 1-800-387-3359English 1-800-387-7625DEFIANT-X www.fullboremarketing.ca1. AGGRESSIVE STYLE: Still very much an Arai, just with a little bit of attitude. From the distinctive chin bar design, with hidden vent closures for a clean look, to the low-profile double side exhaust slots that help pull air through the helmet more efficiently.2. COMMUNICATION: If you like to stay in touch while riding, Arai makes it easier to install your speakers with a molded recess in the ear pocket EPS base. Hidden behind the noise absorbing foam below the covers, the recess provides just enough room for the speakers to sit flush and not press against your ears.3. INTERNAL AIR CHANNEL: Improved ventilation with an enhanced air extraction system, pulling hot/moist air from the eye port area through ducted channels behind the cheek pads that exhaust out the side cowl vents. This helps keep the rider cool and helps to reduce fogging.4. 5MM PEEL-AWAY CHEEK & SIDE-TEMPLE PADS: Arais exclusive 5mm peel-away surface pads on both sides of the headliner and in the FCS Cheek Pads give you the option of 10mm more interior width if needed (minimizing the need to purchase optional thickness pads). Yet another level of fit customization no other helmet brand offers.FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT THE ARAI WEBSITE ATARAIAMERICAS.comHelmets1 2 3 4ARAI Helmet Parts Page 61.28'