b'sCooter appLICatIonsScooter Battery ApplicationsGYZ SeriesHighYumicron /GYZ SeriesHighYumicron / CC Model Year AGM PerformanceAGM Conventionall CC Model Year AGM PerformanceAGM ConventionallAGM AGM200 Runner 200 10-12 YTX12-BSFA50 Shuttle80-91 6N2-2A-4125 Runner 125 10-12 GYZ16H YTX14H-BS YTX14-BSFS50, FZ5079-83 6N4-2A50 SP50 10-13YB4L-BYAMAHAPIAGGIO - VESPA 530 T-MAX XP500F 13-16YTZ12S946 Vespa 946 13-16 YTX12-BS500 T-MAX XP500 09-13YTZ10S300 GTS300, GTV300 10-16 GYZ16H YTX14H-BS YTX14-BS400 YP400 Majesty 04-14YT9B-BS250 GTS250, GTV250 10 GYZ16H YTX14H-BS YTX14-BS250 Morphous 06-08 YTZ10S150 LX150 07YB9-B Maxam -13YTZ10SLX150 4T -16 YTX12-BS200 XC200 Riva87-91 YB10L-B250 LX50 10-16YB9-B 180 XC180 Riva83-85YB10L-B 155 Smax 15-18 YT7B-BS SYM 125 XC125 Riva85-01YB7C-A250 RV250 10-12 YTX12-BSYJ125T Vino 12504-09 YTX7A-BS200 HD200 10-13 YTX9-BSZuma 125 09-18 YT7B-BS 125 HD125 10-11 YTX9-BS80 CV80 Riva83-87 6YB11-2D * Fiddlell125 10-11 YTX7A-BS50 CE50 Riva Jog 86-87YB4L-B50 Fiddlell50 10-12 YTX7A-BSCG50 Riva88-91 YB4L-BFAX 1-888-238-1154SYMply50 10-11 YTX7A-BSCW50 Zuma89-90 YB4L-BMIO 50 10-13 YTX7A-BSCW50 Zuma II97-01 YB4L-BJetEuro 50 10-12YTZ7S YTX5L-BSCY50 Riva Jog 92-01 YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BS RS50 10YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BSSH50 Riva Razz87-01 YB4L-BXC50 Vino Classic06-18YTZ7S YTX5L-BS XF50W (C3)07-13YTZ7S YTX5L-BS SUZUKI YW50A, F, FXZuma02-18YTZ7S YTX5L-BS 650 AN650 Burgman 03-17 GYZ16H YTX14H-BS YTX14-BSVOX -13YTZ7S YTX5L-BS 400 AN400 Burgman 03-16 YTX9-BSJOG, ZR -13YTZ7S YTX5L-BS 200 UH200A Burgman 14-17 YTX9-BS Franais 1-800-387-335950 F50, F50R 716N4-2A*See Battery Cross Reference Chart on page YYY*See Battery Cross Reference Chart on page 15atV (aLL terraIn VeHICLe) appLICatIonsGYZ SeriesHighYumicron /GYZ SeriesHighYumicron / CC Model Year AGM PerformanceAGM Conventional CC Model Year AGM PerformanceAGM ConventionalAGM AGMEnglish 1-800-387-7625AEON(BENZAI) Alterra, TRV, CORE -17YTX14AH-BSYB14-A2366 366 08-11YTX14AH-BSYB14-A2100 Cobra/CX-Sport 100 All YTX4L-BS300 DVX300, Utility 09-16 YTX12-BS 90 Cobra/CX-Sport 90 All YTX4L-BSAltera 17-18 YTX12-BS 50 Cobra/CX-Sport 50 All YTX4L-BSATV 300, 4x4, 2x498-05YTX14AHL-BSSYB14L-A2250 All Models -05YTX14AHL-BSSYB14L-A2ARCTIC CAT DVX250, 2x4 06-10 YTX12-BS 1000 Thundercat 08-10 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS150 150 09-18 YTX9-BS Mudpro 1000H2, TRV, 1000i GT, XT 10-17 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS90 ATV 90, Y-12 Youth, 2-Stroke 02-04YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BS 700 FIS 06-08 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BSATV 90, Y-12 Youth, 4-Stroke 04-05YTZ7S YTX5L-BS Diesel 07-15YTX24HL-BS DVX90, Utility 06-18YTZ7S YTX5L-BS TRV, Mudpro, LTD, TBX 09-17 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS50 DVX50, Utility 06-08YTZ7S YTX5L-BS www.fullboremarketing.caAlterra 16-18 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BSATV50 Y-6 Youth 04-05YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BS XT, TRV, CORE 13-17 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS 650 4x4 Automatic V2 04-06YTX14AH-BSYB14-A2 BRP(Can-Am )4x4 Automatic 10 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS1000 Outlander 1000, Renegade, 6x6 12-19YTX20HLFA YTX20LFA TRV 09YTX14AH-BSYB14-A2 850 Outlander, Renegade 16-19 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS 650H1, TBX650 05-09YTX14AH-BSYB14-A2 800 Outlander 800 EFI, MAX,06-19 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS Mudpro 10-12 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BSRenegade650, H1 11-12 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS660 Outlander 660 EFI 06 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS 550 550,TRV, LTD, S, XT, CORE 10-15 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS650 DS650 00-07YTX15L-BS Alterra 16 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BSQuest 02-05YTX20HL-BS-PWYB16CL-B500 All Other Models -09YTX14AH-BSYB14-A2 Quest (Opt) 02-05YTX24HL-BS Y50-N18L-A-CXATV 500 13-17 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BSOutlander, 6x617-19 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS Alterra 16 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS570Outlander, Renegade 16-18 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS Alterra 17-18 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS500 Traxter (All Models), Quest 99-05YTX20HL-BS-PWYB16CL-BTRV 13-17 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BSTraxter (All Models), Quest (Opt) 02-05YTX24HL-BS Y50-N18L-A-CX450 XC450 11-17 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BSOutlander, MAX, Renegade -15 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS ATV 450 10-12 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS450 DS450 -15YT7B-BS ATV 450, Alterra 13-16 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BSOutlander 16-19 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BSTRV 11-12 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS400 Outlander 400 03-04YTX15L-BS PartsTRV, CORE 13-17 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BSOutlander 400, XT, MAX 04-15 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS 400 All Models AllYTX14AH-BSYB14-A2 330 Outlander 330 04-05YTX15L-BS DVX 400 All YTX9-BS250 DS250 06-19YTX12-BS FAMust use factory activated battery This battery includes a sensorFA Must use factory activated battery This battery includes a sensor Top and front terminal mounts only 327 Top and front terminal mounts only'