b'Motorcycle Battery ApplicationsGYZ SeriesHighYumicron /GYZ SeriesHighYumicron / CC Model Year AGM PerformanceAGM Conventional CC Model Year AGM PerformanceAGM ConventionalAGM AGMF6 Series71-736N4-2A-5 EXC , Racing 03-05YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BS KE125-A76-836N6-1D-2 EXF 05-10YTZ7S YTX5L-BS KS125 Series74-756N6-1D-2 XC, EXC, XC-W 11-12YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BS Z125 PRO 17-19YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BSEXC-F, XC-W, XCF-W 11-12YTZ7S YTX5L-BS 120 C2SS RoadRunner67-696N4-2A-3 SX-F, EXC, EXC-F 13-18YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BS C2TR RoadRunner67-696N4-2A-3 200 Duke 13 YTX9-BS 110 KLX110, L 03-19YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BS200 XC-W 14YTZ7S YTX5L-BS 100 G3SS Series756N4-2A-5 200 XC-W 13, 15-16YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BS G3TR Series716N4-2A-3 125 Duke 13YTZ8V YTX7L-BS G4TR Series73-756N4-2A-5G4TR Series70-726N2-2A-3 KYMCOG5 Series74-756N4-2A-5 250 Venox250 09-10 YTX9-BS G5 Series72-736N4-2A-3KE100-A79-816N6-1D-2KE100-A76-786N4-2A-5 MOTO GUZZIKE100-B82-016N6-1D-2 1400 AUDACE 16-18 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS KH100-B76-776N4-2A-5 1380 California 13-17 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS FAX 1-888-238-1154KM100-A79-816N6-1D-2 Eldorado -16YTX20CH-BS YTX16-BS KM100-A76-786N4-2A-5 MGX-21 Flying Fortress 16 GYZ20H YTX20H-BS YTX20-BS KV100-A766N4-2A-5 1200 Norge 09-16YTX20CH-BS YTX16-BS 90 G3SS Series73-746N4-2A-5 Sport, ABS 09-10YTX20CH-BS YTX16-BS G3SS Series69-726N4-2A-3 Breva 1200 09-10YTX20CH-BS YTX16-BS G3TR Series69-706N4-2A-3 Stelvio 08-17YTX20CH-BS YTX16-BS MC1 Series73-756N4-2A-5 1200 Sport 09-13YTX20CH-BS YTX16-BS GRISO V8 09-17YTX20CH-BS YTX16-BS KTM 1100 1100 California03-05 YTX15L-BS 1290 Super Duke, R 14-18 GYZ16H YTX14H-BS YTX14-BSCalifornia, Special, Jackal,05-13YTX20CH-BS YTX16-BS Super Duke GT 17-18YTZ14S Breva, GrisoFranais 1-800-387-3359Super Adventure 14-18YTZ14S Stone, EV 94-05 GYZ32HL YIX30L-BSFA 530301190 RC8 09-16YTZ14S Quota 1100 ES 99-02 YTX15L Adventure13-16YTZ14S Sport 1100i 97-99 YTX15L-BS 1090 Adventure 17-18YTZ14S V11 Bassa 99-00 GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030990 Super Duke 03-13YTZ14S V11 EV 98-99 GYZ32HL YIX30L-BSFA 53030Supermoto, SM R 09-13YTZ14S V11 Le Mans, Sport 99-05 YTX15L Adventure03-13YTZ14S 1064 California Classic, Vintage -12 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS 950 Superenduro 09-11YTZ14S 1000 California III 89-93 GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030690 Duke 08-12YTZ10S Convert GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030Duke 13-17 YTX9-BSDaytona GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030Le Mans GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030Supermoto, SM R 07-13YTZ10S Mille GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030Enduro R 08-18YTZ10S 1000NT GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030English 1-800-387-7625640 Adventurer, Duke,99-02 YTX9-BSQuota GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030RXC LC4 Super Moto VI0 Centauro Sport, GT 99-End YTX15LFA Duke II, LC4, Adventure 03-08YTZ10S 936 Bellagio -10 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS 625 SMC, SXC03-09YTZ10S 853 V9 Bobber, Roamer 16-17 GYZ16H YTX14H-BS YTX14-BS 620 Adventure, Duke, LC4 96-98 YTX9-BS850 Le Man GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030530 EXC, Racing 03-05YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BST3, T4, T5 GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030EXC, Racing 05-12YTZ7S YTX5L-BS750 Breva750 04-10YTX14AHL-BSXC-W 09-12YTZ7S YTX5L-BSV7 Classic 08-12YTX14AHL-BS525 EXC Racing 03-07YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BSNevada GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS YB18L-AMX Desert Racing 03YTZ7S YTX5L-BSNevada 750 Classic -10YTX14AHL-BSMXC Racing 00YTZ7S YTX5L-BSNTX GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS YB18L-A520 E/XC, M/XC Racing 4-Stroke00-02YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BSStrada GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS YB18L-AE/XC, M/XC Racing 4-Stroke (Opt)00-02YTZ7S YTX5L-BSV7 GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030www.fullboremarketing.ca450 EXC Racing 03-05YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BSV7, Racer, Scrambler, Stone, EXC Racing 05-13YTZ7S YTX5L-BSSpecial 13-17 GYZ16H YTX14H-BS YTX14-BS SX-F, XC-F, XC-W 08-10YTZ7S YTX5L-BSV7 Racer11-12YTX14AHL-BSSX-F 11-16YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BSV7 III Carbon Shine, Dark, Milano, 450SMR 09-12YTZ7S YTX5L-BSRough 18 GYZ16H YTX14H-BS YTX14-BS 450SMR 13YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BSV75 GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS YB18L-A400 EXC, Racing 05-11YTZ7S YTX5L-BS650 NTX GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS YB18L-AEXC, Racing 03-05YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BSV65 GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030XC-W 09-10YTZ7S YTX5L-BSV65 Florida GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS YB18L-AE/XC Racing 4-Stroke00-02YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BS500 FalconeB38-6AE/XC Racing 4-Stroke (Opt)00-02YTZ7S YTX5L-BSFalcone u.t. GYZ20HL YTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS YB18L-ALC4 E/XC96-98 YTX9-BSV50 GYZ32HL YIX30L-BS53030RXC LC4 96-01 YTX9-BS 390 Duke 15-18 YTX9-BSMuZRC 390 18 YTX9-BS 350 XC-F 11-12YTZ7S YTX5L-BS660 Skorpion 95-01 95-01YB9L-A2SX-F 11-16YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BS125 All Models All Years ALLYB9L-A2EXC-F 14YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BS Freeride 13YTZ7S YTX5L-BSMV AGUSTAParts300 XC, XC-W, EXC-F 11-13YTZ5S-BS YTX4L-BS1000 F4 05-16YTZ10SXC, XC-W -14YTZ7S YTX5L-BSBrutale 1078RR, 1090 09-16YTZ10S250 EXC,Racing 05-10YTZ7S YTX5L-BS910 Brutale 06-09YTZ10S*See Battery Cross Reference Chart on page 313 FAMust use factory activated battery G3SS and G3TR models having the engine production #235611 and above, use a 6N4-2A-5 battery FAMust use factory activated battery321*See Battery Cross Reference Chart on page 15G3SS and G3TR models having the engine production #235611 and above, use a 6N4-2A-5 battery'