b'BatteriesGYZ Series The Industrys Most Powerful Family of Batteries Highest CCA motorcycle battery (500 CCA* ON GYZ32HL) Large heavy-duty ush terminals with multiple connections (GYZ32HL, GYZ20HL, GYZ20H) Built in brass nuts (GYZ32HL, GYZ20H, GYZ20HL)FAX 1-888-238-1154* CCA at 0F (-18C) per BCI testing protocolYuasas GYZ family of batteries are made with advanced engineering, premium quality and unmatched reliability. EZ Grip Cover: Safety flame-arrestor:simple installation leak proof valve relievesexcess pressure (GYZ32HL)Heat bonded cover: Large heavy-duty flusheliminates leaks and corrosion Franais 1-800-387-3359terminals:constructed to allow frontThru-partition construction: and top connections and fitprovides shorter current path requirements on newerwith less resistance than popular bikes over the partition construction, resulting in more cranking power Built-in brass nuts: up to 50% better conductivity Taller plates:than stainless steel extra surface area for (GYZ32HL, GYZ20H, GYZ20HL) more power: up to 500 CCAand 32 Ah to power more English 1-800-387-7625Enhanced active material: accessories compounded to withstand vibration, prolong battery life and dependabilityAbsorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separators:absorb electrolyte, making the battery nonspillableProtective separator material: www.fullboremarketing.caenhances vibration resistance YTX Design GYZ DesignGYZ Capacity (Ah) CCA* V-Twin Metric ATV Upgrade for:All GYZ exceed OE CCA and Amp hour requirements GYZ16H 16 240 YTX14GYZ16HL 16 240 YTX14LGYZ20L 20 250 YTX20LGYZ20H 20 320 YTX20HPartsGYZ20HL 20 320 YTX20HLGYZ32HL 32 500 YIX30L312*CCA measured by BCI/SAE standard at 0 F.'