b'BatteriesBestGYZ Series The Next Generation in Powersports BatteriesAGM separators with superior grid designs for extreme vibration resistance More active material surface area for enhanced performance and power Longer shelf life and improved life cycle performance Additional Amp hours for more accessories FAX 1-888-238-1154Supplied "Factory Activated" (nonspillable)High Performance / AGMFranais 1-800-387-3359All the features of a standard AGM battery plus increased powerH Series: Increased Power - up to 30% more cranking amps YTZ Series: Small size, lightweight, huge powerBetterEnglish 1-800-387-7625AGMMaintenance Free. No need to add water but periodic charging www.fullboremarketing.carequired when not in useAbsorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Separatorsan advanced battery technology that eliminates the need to ever add waterAdvanced lead-calcium technologyholds its specic gravity moremore than 3 times longer than conventional lead antimony batteriesGood YuMicron / Conventional Special thin separatorsallow two extra plates per cell to be installed, for a 30% improvement in cranking performanceEngineered to protect againstcorrosion, withstand vibration,Partsand deliver high cranking power 6 Volt and 12 Volt311'