b'Brake Fluid and LubricantsRacing Brake Fluid 600 Chain Lube Road 100% Synthetic Hi temp 585F dry Roadracing/Kart421F wet DOT 4 A colorless water and rust resistant adhesive spray The ultimate high performance polyglycol brakerecommended for very fast motorcycles, Chain Lube Road fluid that far exceeds standards for DOT 3 and 4.reduces friction and increases chain durability. The package is filled with nitrogen to increase shelf33-0425Chain Lube - Road Tacky 400 mllife and eliminate contamination while factory(B) 12 per casesealed.Extremely high dry boiling point helps prevent vapour lock and brake fade during hard use.33-0408Brake Racing 600500 mlFAX 1-888-238-1154(B) 24 per case Chain Lube Off-Road A smooth flourescent yellow lubricant, Chain Lube Off Road is a specially formulated chain lubricant that contains no sticky additives and is suitable for trails and motocrosses. Protects chains from grease and dust build-up. Suitable for all chains with or without O-ring seals.Franais 1-800-387-335933-0427Chain Lube - Light Offroad 400 mlDOT 3/4/5.1 Hydraulic Brake Fluid (B) 12 per case509F dry365F wetPolyglycol based brake fluid exceeds the highest DOT specifications. For use in all systems that require a DOT 3, DOT 4, or DOT 5.1 fluid. The container is filled with nitrogen gas to increaseShine & Go Silicon Clean English 1-800-387-7625shelf life and eliminate contamination while factory sealed. DO NOT mix this product with siliconeSilicone based spray to revive, polish and protect all brake fluids. body work.Dries evenly and leaves a protective dry sheen.33-0400DOT 5.1 Hydraulic Brake Fluid 500 ml Protects paintwork and varnish from dust, insects, and (B) 12 per case debris.Repels water and dirt.33-0940 Shine & Go400 mlwww.fullboremarketing.ca(B) 12 per caseWhile supplies last! Chemicals308'