b'LubricantsMotul 800-2T Factory Line Syntec100% Syntec High RPM Pro RacingSynthetic Fork OilsPremix (2 stroke) A full range of suspension fluids for conventional forks, upside down forks, cartidge type or rear shocks. All have high viscosity indexes. 100% Ester Synthetic base stock hasMotuls special seal conditioner been specially formulated for veryand high levels of friction high performance 2-stroke engines.modifiers allow sliders to Up to five times more film strengthfunction without stiction.than petroleum based oils; up to four times more than synthetic blends. Handles very high temperatures and burns so clean that power valve and exhaust deposits are all but33-0801Fork Oil Factory Line 2.5w Ultra-Light1 litreFAX 1-888-238-1154eliminated. 33-0802Fork Oil Factory Line 5w Light1 litre33-0535800-2T1 litre 33-0803Fork Oil Factory Line 7.5w Medium1 litre33-0536Kart Grand Prix2T1 litre 33-0810Fork Oil Expert Line 20w Heavy1 litre(B)while supplies last 12 per case (B) 12 per caseFranais 1-800-387-3359Motul 710-2T Factory Line Synthese Anti-Smoke Injector or Premix VI-400 Synthetic Shock Oil100% Synthetic Option VI-400 Shock Oil is specially designed for racing shock absorbers, road racing or off road 100% Ester Synthetic. Viscosity adjusted for injectorapplications.100% ester synthetic with an systems. Formulated for all high performanceextremely high viscosity index, VI400 provides English 1-800-387-76252-stroke engines. Meets the new JASO FD. unparalleled damper response consistency across all temperature ranges. Anti-oxidation properties at high temperature increase damper and fluid 33-0531710-2T 100% Syn.1 litre life. High performance anti-foam additives help to avoid cavitation while special anti-friction (B) 12 per case additives provide quick and smooth damper performance. Perfectly neutral on all seals.33-0795 100% Syn. 2.5W-20W Factory Line 1 litrewww.fullboremarketing.ca(B) 12 per caseMotul Transoil2-Stroke Gearbox OilA very unique SAE 10W30 lubricant for 2-stroke gearboxes with integrated wet clutches. Fortified with extreme pressure additives to protect gears and handle high temperatures caused by theWhile engine. A special additive package allows propersupplies clutch operation and easy shifting at all temperatures. last! Chemicals33-003010w30 Gearbox Oil (wet clutch)1 litre33-030080w90 Gearbox Oil1 litre(B) 20 per case307'