b'ELECTRICAL CONTACT CLEANER SC-1 CLEAR COATQuickly removes grease, oil and other contaminants Formulated for the Powersport IndustryExtra heavy propellant charge provides maximumConditions and polishes plastic, fiberglass and spray pressure painted surfacesCitrus scented, quick drying and safe for mostRepels water, prevents mud and dirt from plastics adhering to the plasticIdeal for use on engine parts, throttle bodies, ignitions, relays, plugs and much more33-1924SC-1 Silicone Detailer 12 oz.33-182Contact Cleaner13 oz. (B) 12 per case(B) 12 per caseFAX 1-888-238-1154MAXIMA CLEAN-UP QUICK 2 MIX BOTTLESuper high performance degreaser/cleaner Tough polypropylene graduated cylinder takes Franais 1-800-387-3359Wont harm paint or vinyl the work out of premixingLeaves your bike sparkling cleanGallon, litre, cc, and ounce markings for accurate measurement33-192Aerosol13 oz 33-214Quick 2 Mix Bottle(B) 12 per case (B) 20 per caseEnglish 1-800-387-7625www.fullboremarketing.caChemicals305'