b'Racing LubricantsCHAIN WAX MPPL PENETRANT LUBEDesigned for all chain care needs Multi-Purpose Penetrant Lube Special ParaFilm formula creates a waxy film,Contains no CFCs!for long term protectionExcellent protection in water and high humiditySuperior, all-purpose penetrating lubeenvironments Displaces water and provides excellent rust and Heavy duty, anti-wear and extreme pressurecorrosion protectionadditives Will not harm plastic or painted surfacesAlso an ideal cable lube Excellent fogging oil or starting fluid for 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines33-191Chain Wax20 per case5.5 oz. 33-183MPPL14.5 oz. 33-186Chain Wax12 per case13.5 oz. (B) 12 per case(B)FAX 1-888-238-1154SYNTHETIC CHAIN GUARD SUSPENSION CLEANAnti-fling, O, X, Z-ring safe formulaSpecifically formulated for the Powersports Franais 1-800-387-3359Anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives industryIdeal for high performance and off-roadDries quickly and completely leaving a residue motorcycles free surfaceIntegrates strong industrial cleaners with a 33-181 Chain Guard20 per case6 oz. powerful spray33-180 Chain Guard12 per case14 oz. Overspray will not harm O-rings or most seal materials(B) Displaces moisture33-1921Suspension Clean 18.1 oz.English 1-800-387-7625(B) 12 per caseULTIMATE CHAIN CARE KITS WATERPROOF GREASEA fast , effective way to maintain your bikes driveline Waterproof grease designed for use in www.fullboremarketing.caIncludes Chain Wax or Chain Guard , MPPL, and Clean-Up bearings, bushings and disc brake applications33-1858Chain Wax Combo Kit Hi-Temp formula stays in place and will not 33-1859Chain Guard Combo Kit melt or migrateElevated levels of anti-wear, EP and (B) corrosion protectionFor use from -29 to 293CLithium complex NLGI 233-188Grease16 oz. tub(B) 12 per caseChemicals304'