b'Filter Cleaners/OilsFFT FOAM FILTER TREATMENT AIR FILTER CLEANERDustproof & Waterproof Heavy Duty Emulsion Increases air flow (412% more) typeRetains 8% more contaminants AIR FILTER CLEANER is a heavy-duty Water resistant, super tacky formula emulsion-type cleaner designed to Color: Blue thoroughly clean both foam and fabric air filters without damaging foam cells, paper or 33-178FFT Foam Filter Oil12 per case16 oz. glue. Maxima Air Filter Cleaner will remove 33-1780FFT Foam Filter Oil12 per case32 oz. oil and dirt from air filter elements and easily (B) washes out with water.33-1782Air Filter Cleaner6 per case1.89 litres(B)FAX 1-888-238-1154AIR FILTER CLEANEREffective and No CFCsFor motorcycles and ATVsExcellent foam and fabric air filter cleaner washes out with waterHighly effective emulsion formula yet no caustic Franais 1-800-387-3359chemicalsRemoves heavy oils, grease and other contaminantsCaution: may discolor painted surfaces. Do not use on plastic or Lexan.33-1781Air Filter Cleaner 15.5 oz.(B) 12 per caseEnglish 1-800-387-7625FAB-1 FABRIC FILTER SPRAYSynthetic-Waterproof Base For all oil type fabric (& foam ) air filters Superior oil stops harmful elements passing through Super tacky polymers attract and hold all fine particles Resists moisture from passing through filterwww.fullboremarketing.ca Prevents oil wash-out of the filter from carb. fogging33-179FAB-1 Filter Spray13 oz(B) 12 per caseAIR FILTER CLEANER / FAB-1FABRIC FILTER SPRAYCOMBOChemicals33-1779Air Filter Maintenance Combo Kit(B)302'