b'Suspension FluidsRACING SHOCK FLUIDRACING SHOCK FLUIDFade Free Formula Synthetic Light; used in all late model MX shocks SYNTHETIC RACING SHOCK FLUID (SYN RSF) is aMedium; where more dampening is required 100% synthetic ester shock fluid. Formulated toHeavy; for Ohlins and FOX shocks withstand extreme temperatures and loads.High viscosity indexes over 350+ Blended to the tight specifications required by racing professionals. Ultra-clean additive systemLow pour points -75Fensures clean, trouble-free operation overReduces Frictionextended usage periods. Regenerative syntheticWorks in steel or aluminum body suspensionpolymers resist mechanical sheering and viscosity breakdown, offering the ultimate protection and film strength. Extremely high viscosity index over 33-193Racing Shock Fluid Light 3wt12 per case 32 oz.350+ minimizes the rate of viscosity change and 33-194Racing Shock Fluid Med 7wt12 per case 32 oz. volumetric expansion under high temperatures. FAX 1-888-238-115433-1941 Racing Shock Fluid Heavy 10wt 12 per case 32 oz Active chemistry controls foam and wear. Compatible with petroleum and synthetic 33-1942 Racing Shock Fluid Med 7wtPail 5-gal.suspension fluids.(B) 33-1943Racing Shock Fluid Syn. 3wt12 per case1 litre(B)Franais 1-800-387-3359RACING FORK FLUID Zero Drag Formula FORK OILS with Lubricinol5wt; same viscosity as 01, SS7, or std. KYB For all front suspension demands 7wt, 10wt, 15wt: for those requiring greater dampening Lubricinolreduces sliding friction andAll weights can be blended for intermediate viscosity grades protects internals from wearKYB for most late model MX forks Temp. stable viscosityfor constant fork Drastic stiction reduction action and terrain complianceStandard & Cartridge systems Prevents foaming, seal hardening, oxidation English 1-800-387-7625Viscosity index over 190+and stictionAnti-foam, rust & corrosion 33-174Fork Oil 5wt 12 per case16 oz.Resistant to oxidation & viscosity changes 33-1735Fork Oil 5wt 12 per case1 litre33-175Fork Oil 10wt 12 per case16 oz.33-195 Racing Fork Fluid 5wt 12 per case 1 litre33-1736Fork Oil 10wt 12 per case1 litre33-199 Racing Fork Fluid 5wt Pail 5 gal.33-176Fork Oil 15wt 12 per case16 oz.33-196 Racing Fork Fluid 7wt 12 per case 1 litre33-1737Fork Oil 15wt 12 per case1 litre33-197 Racing Fork Fluid 10wt 12 per case 1 litre33-177Fork Oil 20wt 12 per case16 oz.www.fullboremarketing.ca33-198 Racing Fork Fluid 15wt 12 per case 1 litre33-1738Fork Oil 20wt 12 per case1 litre(B)*equivalent to OEM 01 MX fork fluid;previously Hydra Spec C (B) 16 oz./.473ml/U.S PintChemicals301'