b'2-Stroke Lubricants and Gear OilsSXS SXSTransmission Oil Gear OilMineral-based transmission fluid formulatedMineral-based gear oil specifically formulated for specifically for use in modern side-by-side (SXS)hypoid-type differentials found in modern side-vehicles. Robust formulation maintains filmby-side (SXS) vehicles. Robust, shear-stable thickness and viscosity stability across allformulation can also be used in side-by-side operating temperatures to minimize chain andtransmissions and gear cases requiring SAE 90wt gear wear. Advanced formula ensures optimalgear oil. Proprietary shape combines the finest clutch engagement, preventing slippage andmineral base stocks with industry leading facilitating smooth shifts even under extremeextreme pressure and anti-wear additives to loads. Exceeds the requirements of JASO MA2. ensure hardware protection and smooth shifting. Exceeds the requirements of API GL-5.33-1409SXS Transmission Oil12 per case1 litre 33-1410SXS 80w90 Gear Oil12 per case1 litre (B) (B)GEAR OILSFAX 1-888-238-1154CASTOR 927 Pro-Series Hypoid GL-5 Gear oil is blended for high performance shaft drive motorcycles 2-Cycle Racing Premix with high shear polymers to keep the The ultimate 2-cycle premix for racing engineslubricating film on the gear surfaces.using gasoline, alcohol or nitro fuels.100% Synthetic Hypoid Gear Oil is ideal Formulated with the purest castors, syntheticfor bikes like BMW and Harley Davidson esters and hi-performance additives available.where the clutch lubricant is separate Can be mixed in ratios from 16:1 to 60:1. from the transmission. Enhances shifting Franais 1-800-387-3359on big twins.33-185Pro Series 92712 per case16 oz. 33-15580w90 GL-5 for Shaft Drive1 litre33-165Pro Series 92712 per case1 litre 33-16775w90 100% Syn. Gear Oil GL-51 litre33-164Pro Series 9276 per case64 oz. (B) 12 per case(B)SCOOTER PRO MTL-E ENDURANCE GEAR OILA medium viscosity gear lubricant for long Synthetic Blend Smokeless 2-Cycle Oil term and high stress applications.English 1-800-387-7625A high performance synthetic blend for both33-168MTL-E 85wt Med. viscosity1 litreinjector and premix use. Special synthetic(B) 12 per caselubricants and advanced additives provide for outstanding engine performance and protection while maintaining excellent engine cleanliness and eliminating exhaust smoke. MTL-R RACING GEAR OILUse as premix or in injector systems A lighter viscosity for racing where minimum fluid drag, maximum lubrication www.fullboremarketing.caand maximum horsepower are demanded.MTL oils are fortified with Maximas unique 33-162Scooter Pro1 litre additive Lubricinol which will not induce (B) 12 per case clutch slippage as many motor oils do.33-169MTL-R 80wt Light viscosity 1 litreMARINE PRO TWO CYCLE (B) 12 per caseA petroleum based oil with special marine ashless detergents to keep piston, rings, plugsMTL-XL PRO SERIES SYNTHETIC BLEND GEAR OILand ports clean while preventing piston andA transmission lubricant for the serious racer. cylinder scuffing. Can be mixed up to 50:1 orLight-weight, synthetic and unique, this more depending on manufacturer. Meets andproduct allows the absolute maximum Chemicalsexceeds BIA-TC-W specs and is NMMA certified. horsepower to be transmitted to the rear wheel. Used by many Factory Teams.33-159Marine Pro12 per case32 oz. 33-158Marine Pro4 per case164 oz. 33-170MTL-XL 75wt Extra Light1 litre(B) (B) 12 per case300'