b'Specialty Lubricants for Big TwinsV-TWINV-TWIN Transmission and Gear Oil Primary OilMineral-based gear oil specifically formulated forMineral-based motorcycle gear oil formulated use in 4-, 5- and 6-speed high performance gearspecifically for use in high performance V-Twin boxes. Robust, shear-stable formulation istransmissions and primary chain cases. Robust designed for Harley-Davidson transmissions orformulation maintains film thickness and V-Twin models without wet-clutches. Proprietaryviscosity stability across all operating shape combines the finest mineral base stockstemperatures to minimize chain and gear wear. with industry leading extreme pressure and anti- Advanced formula ensures optimal clutch wear additives to ensure ultimate hardwareengagement, preventing slippage and facilitating protection and smooth shifting. Exceeds thesmooth shifts even under extreme loads.requirements of API GL-5. 33-1389V-Twin 80w90 Gear Oil12 per case946ml 33-1391V-Twin Primary Oil12 per case946mlFAX 1-888-238-115433-1390V-Twin 85W140 Gear Oil12 per case946ml (B) (B)V-TWINV-TWIN Synthetic Primary Oil Sportster Gear/Chaincase OilFranais 1-800-387-3359Full synthetic, ester-based motorcycle gear oilMineral-based motorcycle gear oil formulated formulated specifically for use in highspecifically for use in high performance V-Twin performance V-Twin transmissions and primarySportster transmissions and primary chain cases. chain cases. Surface-active, oxidatively stableRobust formulation maintains film thickness and formulation maintains excellent film thicknessviscosity stability across all operating temperatures and viscosity stability across all operatingto minimize chain and gear wear. Advanced temperatures for maximum chain and gearformula ensures optimal clutch engagement, protection. Advanced formula ensures optimalfacilitating smooth shifts and enabling maximum clutch engagement, prevents slippage andpower even under extreme load.English 1-800-387-7625minimizes wear.33-1392V-Twin Synthetic Primary Oil12 per case946ml 33-1393V-Twin Gear/Chaincase Oil12 per case946ml(B) (B)V-TWIN www.fullboremarketing.caFork OilV-TWIN FORK OIL is a blend of premium quality, ultra-pure base oils and surface active additives that provide excellent lubricity, control foaming and protect the suspension system against corrosion. Special Lubricinol formula conditions seals, protects moving parts and reduces stiction to enhance fork performance over a wide operating temperature range. Advanced detergents provide ultra-clean operation and protect suspension systems from wear, deposits Chemicalsand allow for trouble-free operation.33-1395V-Twin10wt12 per case946ml33-1396V-Twin20wt12 per case946ml(B)298'