b'4-Stroke LubricantsMAXUM4 EXTRA MAXUM4 SYN BLEND100% Synthetic Ester-based Synthetic BlendBy using todays most advanced additive systemsAn advanced high temp. formula protects critical and high-performance synthetic ester basedengine components, reduces wear, friction, stocks, we have engineered what we believe totemperature, oil consumption and extends drain be the finest 4-cycle motorcycle specific oilintervals. The new anti-shear additives assure available on the market today. The very latestviscosity stability for 4-cycle engines with shear stable polymer systems have been used tointegrated transmissions. It also has extra anti-assure viscosity stability and virtually eliminatescuff additives to handle extreme loads and peak transmission shear-down of the oil. temperatures.33-1492Maxum4 Extra0w1012 per case1 litre 33-1514Maxum4 Blend10w40 12 per case1 litre33-1493Maxum4 Extra0w104 per case1 US gal. 33-1515Maxum4 Blend10w40 4 per case1 US gal.FAX 1-888-238-115433-1494Maxum4 Extra5w4012 per case1 litre 33-1510Maxum4 Blend20w5012 per case1 litre33-1495Maxum4 Extra5w404 per case1 US gal. 33-1511Maxum4 Blend20w504 per case1 US gal.33-1498Maxum4 Extra10w4012 per case1 litre (B) 1 US Gallon/3.8 L33-1499Maxum4 Extra10w404 per case1 US gal.33-1500Maxum4 Extra15w5012 per case1 litre33-1501Maxum4 Extra15w504 per case1 US gal.33-1496Maxum4 Extra10w6012 per case1 litreFranais 1-800-387-335933-1497Maxum4 Extra10w604 per case1 US gal.(B) 1 US Gallon/3.8 LMAXUM4 PREMIUMATV PREMIUM 4T Petroleum Based Petroleum Based 10w40English 1-800-387-7625A superior product with advanced additiveATV Premium 4T is specially formulated for technology equals highly stable, long life multi- todays advanced ATVs. Its Tri-Metallic additive grade motorcycle specific oil. Advanced anti- system combines with a shear stable polymer wear, anti-shear additives assure viscositysystem to provide unsurpassed protection stability for 4-cycle engines with integratedagainst wear, oxidation and thermal breakdown.transmissions. This formula also has extra anti-scuff additives to handle extreme loads and peak33-1491ATV Premium 4T10w401 litretemperatures in high performance engines.(B) 12 per casewww.fullboremarketing.ca33-1516Maxum4 Premium5w3012 per case1 litre33-1517Maxum4 Premium5w304 per case1 US gal.33-1518Maxum4 Premium10w3012 per case1 litre33-1519Maxum4 Premium10w304 per case1 US gal.33-1520Maxum4 Premium10w4012 per case1 litre33-1521Maxum4 Premium10w404 per case1 US gal.33-1530Maxum4 Premium20w50 12 per case1 litre33-1531Maxum4 Premium20w50 4 per case1 US gal.(B) 1 US Gallon/3.8 LChemicals296'