b'Specialty ProductsAir Filter CleanerFoam Air Filter Cleaner is an emulsifying agent that picks up and slicks away water soluable grease and oil and leaves the filter squeaky clean. Use for all off-road competition motorcycle air filters except paper types. No fumes, no flame hazard, works wonders in a bucket of warm water!33-588Air Filter Cleaner5 oz.(B) 12 per caseFAX 1-888-238-1154Year-Round Antifreeze PremixFoam Filter OilFranais 1-800-387-3359Spectro Year-Round ready to use coolant. AnSpectro Filter Oils High Tac synthetic formula traps aluminum formulation poly ethylene glycoland holds dust so it doesnt work its way past the mixture developed for use in motorcycles.filter. Use with SX Filter Cleanerfast and easy to use Provides full protection to -40F as well as wont dry out!additional slush protection to -50F: Prevents acid and rust buildup in the cooling system.33-586SX Air Filter Oil 12 per case10 oz.33-636Year-Round Coolant12 per caseUS quart/ 946ml. (B)English 1-800-387-762533-637Year-Round Coolant6 per case1.89 litres33-638Year-Round Coolant16 Gal. drum33-639Year-Round Coolant55 Gal. drum (B)www.fullboremarketing.caHydraulic Clutch Fluid (mineral)Spectro Hydraulic Clutch Fluid is for motorcycle hydraulic clutch systems that specify a light (SAE 10) mineral oil e.g., KTM Magura clutches. 33-668Hydraulic Clutch Fluid SAE 10 4 oz.(B) 12 per caseChemicals293'