b'Transmission and Gear OilsSpectro Hypoid, Petroleum Based Gear OilATV Wet Brake and Gear OilSpectro Hypoid Motorcycle gear oil is aATV Wet Brake & Gear Oil is formulated to specially formulated 80w 90 API GL-5provide lubrication of differential and final extreme pressure gear lube with anti-foamdrive gears, and provides the correct friction additives for shaft drive bikes. Very high filmand heat transfer characteristics for wet strength.brakes.Superior extreme pressure performance and 33-632Spectro Hypoid80w90 GL-5 1 litre anti-wear capabilities protect and ensure (B) 12 per case maximum gear life. Suppresses wet brake noise and chatter while permitting brakes to hold properly and run cool. Helps maintain seal and gasket flexibility and provides excellent rust and corrosion protection, high FAX 1-888-238-1154GOOD water tolerance, and good oxidation stability for high temperature service.33-7491 Spectro Wet Brake & Gear Oil1 litre (B) 12 per caseGolden Gear Lube Spectro Platinum Full Synthetic Transmission Franais 1-800-387-3359Golden 2-Stroke Trans- and Gear Oilsmission Oil Fully synthetic GL-1 andGL-5 type oils for the tough GOLDEN Gear Lube protects two-strokedemands of race engines and transmissions and assures ease of shiftingdrive trains. GL-1 for and low drag operation in all motocrosstransmissions with wet clutch and high performance bikes. and/or syncros; GL-5 for shaft drives or differentials without English 1-800-387-762533-694GS Gear80wt 10w30 1 litre clutch, syncromesh or 33-695GS Gear85wt 10w40 1 litre positraction. GL-5 is ideal for (B) 12 per case BMW gearbox and differentials. BETTER33-751Spectro Transmission75w90GL-11 litre33-753Spectro Transmission75w140GL-11 litre33-752Spectro Differential75w90GL-51 litre33-754Spectro Differential75w140GL-51 litre(B) 12 per casewww.fullboremarketing.caSpectro SX Clutch Saver A clutch/gear case lubricant in SAE 10w30 viscosity designed for maximum horsepower output and the demands of second and third gear starts.33-576SX Clutch SaverSAE 10w30 32 oz.(B) 12 per caseChemicals BEST292'