b'Suspension OilsSpectro Fork Oils Golden Cartridge Fork FluidChoose Spectro Premium ForkGolden Cartridge Fork Fluid is an Oils for superior damping andadvanced fork fluid for todays long lasting lubrication withsophisticated cartridge and upside down anti-foaming, anti-rust and anti- fork systems. Special semi-synthetic corrosion additives. It resistsformula keeps stiction friction to a fading over a wide range ofminimum; other ingredients prevent temperatures; protects andoxidation and condition seals. Designed conditions fork seals. Designedfor use in Kayaba, Showa and Marzocchi for both conventional andforks.inverted cartridge forks. GOODBETTERFAX 1-888-238-115433-6255wtFork Oil1 litre 33-700Fork Fluid, 85/150 Showa Light (5w)1 litre33-62610wt Fork Oil1 litre 33-701Fork Fluid, 125/150Kayaba Med (7.5w)1 litre33-62715wt Fork Oil1 litre (B) 12 per case33-62820wt Fork Oil1 litre33-725H.D. Fork Oil Type E (20wt)US quart / 946ml.33-726H.D. Fork Oil HEAVYUS quart / 946ml.(B) 12 per caseFranais 1-800-387-3359Golden Semi-Synthetic Shock FluidThe original manufacturers recommended fluid. Superior resistance to thinning makes other conventional fluids obsolete. Virtually English 1-800-387-7625fade proof! Available in 2 grades, this is a must have for any high performance shock and suspension rebuilder.BESTwww.fullboremarketing.ca33-755Ultra-Light Susp. Fluid (O.E.) (2.5w) 900 ml33-756Very-Light Susp. Fluid (slight wear) (7.5w)900 ml (B) 12 per caseChemicals291'