b'2 Stroke Motorcycle OilSpectro-2T Spectro SX 32:1Petroleum Based Premix2-Stroke Racingor Injector Oil A.P.I. TC 100% Racing Synthetic (full synthetic formula) is formulated for modern 2-cycle MX racing A premium quality 2-stroke engine lubricantmotorcycles equippedwith exhaust power made with high-density petroleum basevalves requiring a 32:1 premix fuel-to-oil stocks and exclusive additives for highmixture.levels of protection and clean operation at all temperatures. Guards against rust and33-570 SX 32:1 100% Synthetic Premix 16 oz.corrosion during storage or inactivity. (B) 12 per case33-612Spectro-2T1 litre GOOD(B) 12 per caseFAX 1-888-238-1154Golden Spectro 2-Cycle Pre-Mix Blend Golden 2T Semi-Synth. Injector OilTwo-Stroke Concentrate This superior two-cycle engine lubricant extends component life, keeps piston ring This is a supreme competitiongrooves clean and deposit free, and reduces Franais 1-800-387-3359synthetic blend designed withexcessive smoking and emissions. Reduces diester synthetics and high- spark plug deposits to eliminate fouling.density base petroleum oils.Complex synthetics guard against piston Excessive solvents found in mostscuffing. Exceeds all known manu-facturers all purpose two-stroke oils arewarranty requirements. Meets ISO-L-EGD, not used. Designed for ratios ofJASO FD.42:1 to 64:1.BETTER 33-684Golden Spectro-2 Injector Oil1 litreEnglish 1-800-387-7625(B) 12 per case33-685Golden Spectro-2 Pre-mix Oil24 per case12 oz33-687Golden Spectro-2 Pre-mix Oil12 per case1 litre33-686Golden Spectro-2 Pre-mix Oil6 per case1.89 litre(B)Spectro Scooter 2T Oilwww.fullboremarketing.caSpecial Smokeless Formula for ScootersMeets or beats ISO-L-EGD & Jaso FC 2-cycle injection lubricant requirements. Full syntheticdesigned for smokeless high performancescooters and all 2-cycle street bikes. Guards against piston seizure and reduces exhaust deposits.Chemicals33-6881Platinum 2T Full Synthetic Scooter Oil1 litre(B) 12 per case287'