b'4 Stroke Engine OilSpectro Golden-4Buy inSynthetic Blend Oil SGSpectro Golden-4, a state of the drums andart motorcycle oil that save!incorporates a sophisticated package of complex synthetics for superior film strength and costly shear stable polymers for an oil that stays in grade under all riding conditions. Now with double the anti-wear additives 33-60910w40Spectro-4 Oil Drum 208 litre and ultra low viscosities for 33-61020w50Spectro-4 Oil Drum 208 litre wintertime ATV use.FAX 1-888-238-115433-61110w40Golden Spectro 4 Drum 208 litre33-61320w50Golden Spectro 4 Drum 208 litre 33-6770w3012 per case1 litre33-76205w40 G.S. Platinum Drum 208 litre 33-6785w4012 per case1 litre33-762210w40 G.S. Platinum Drum 208 litre 33-679110w3012 per case1 litre33-76410w50 G.S. Platinum Drum 208 litre 33-68010w4012 per case1 litre Drums33-761915w50 G.S. Platinum Drum 208 litre 33-67510w404 per case4 litre(B) 15w5012 per case1 litre available33-6801 Franais 1-800-387-335933-680220w4012 per case1 litre33-68120w5012 per case1 litre33-67620w504 per case4 litre(B)Spectro-4 Spectro Platinum Full SyntheticPetroleum Based Engine Oil SG 100% Synthetic Racing Oil English 1-800-387-7625Premium oil formulated for demandingThe ultimate state-of-the-art synthetic engine motorcycle use to provide outstanding wearlubricant fortified with extremely shear stable and rust protection. Has twice the anti-wearviscosity index improvers. A.P.I. rated SG.additives to provide smooth shifting and reduced wear. Stays in grade under severe loads in all 4 stroke engines. API rated SG.www.fullboremarketing.ca33-600Spectro-4 5w30 12 per case1 litre 33-7610w40 ATV/Snowmobile12 per case1 litre33-669Spectro-4 10w304 per case4 litre 33-7625w4012 per case1 litre33-601Spectro-4 10w4012 per case1 litre 33-7595w50 G412 per case1 litre33-670Spectro-4 10w404 per case4 litre 33-762110w4012 per case1 litre33-603Spectro-4 20w40 12 per case1 litre 33-762310w40 4 per case4 litre33-602Spectro-4 20w5012 per case1 litre 33-76310w5012 per case1 litre33-671Spectro-4 20w504 per case4 litre 33-761710W6012 per case1 litreChemicals(B) 33-76015W5012 per case1 litreRecommended for ATVs Yamaha OEM (B)285'