b'Specialty Lubricants for Big TwinsHeavy Duty Primary Chaincase Heavy Duty Fork OilThis shear stable petroleum is designed toHeavy Duty Fork Oil type E and Heavy for withstand the punishment of high loads andsuperior damping and long lasting contains special polymers to providelubrication with anti-foaming additives to exceptional clutch engagement andprevent foaming and aeration. Provides temperature stability. Meets full OEMconsistent viscosity regardless of temper-requirements and should be used accordingature for uniform damping characteristics. to manufacturers instructions. FormulatedHeavy designation limits front end dive specifically for Harley Sportster and Bigduring braking.Twin applications. Low drag, low friction loss SAE 85w viscosity helps eliminate clutch drag and slipping.33-722HD Chaincase 85wUS quart /946 ml. 33-725H.D. Fork Oil Type E (20wt)US quart /946 ml.FAX 1-888-238-1154(B) 12 per case 33-726H.D. Fork Oil Heavy (40wt)US quart /946 ml.(B) 12 per caseFull Synthetic 6-Speed Transmission & Gear Oils Heavy Duty DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid Franais 1-800-387-3359Developed in response to Harley ownersHeavy Duty DOT 5 Brake Fluid is the same fluid complaints about the great but noisy 6-speedthat is installed in Harley Big Twins at the York transmissions, the HD GL-5 is a fully syntheticPA factory. Surpasses DOT 5 specs and all OEM gear oil that provides the ultimate lubricationrequirements. protection. Reduces noise, eases shiftingNon-hygroscopicwill not absorb water or when cold and performs well when pushedharm painted surfaces!hard and long. A full synthetic lubricant formulated for Harley Big Twins, GL-1 type trans-mission/ 33-666HD DOT5 Silicone Brake Fluid.355 litregear oil delivers maximum performance(B) 12 per caseEnglish 1-800-387-7625under heavy loads and extreme heat.33-753275w140 GL-5 for 6 SpeedUS quart /946 ml.33-753175w140 GL-1 (dyed green)US quart /946 ml.33-74985w140 Heavy Duty Gear OilUS quart /946 ml.33-753375w140GL-1 STL (Sportster)US quart /946 ml. Hypoid Gear Lubricant (B) 12 per case For older bikes with non-syncro trannies, for smooth shifts and to stop leaks, use Spectro www.fullboremarketing.caHypoid GL-5. 1 Litre bottles.33-632Hypoid 80w90 GL-51 litre(B) 12 per caseChemicals284'