b'Specialty Lubricants for Big Twins. Just for HarleysHeavy Duty Premium Petroleum BasedHeavy Duty Golden Semi-Synthetic Engine OilEngine OilHD Golden Semi-Synthetic incorporates the FAX 1-888-238-1154highest shear stable viscosity index Blended from high-density low-carbon baseimprovers for gear-driven cams and stocks to ensure high film strength and cleanhydraulic lifters. Capable of running a full operation, Heavy Duty oils protect iron and5000 mile Harley engine service without iron-lined alloy cylinders as well as rollercompromising wear and oxidation bearing crankshafts from premature wear.protection.Made specifically for Harley V-Twin engines and meets all OEM requirements. Franais 1-800-387-335933-606Heavy SAE 50US quart /946 ml. 33-682HD Golden 20w50 US quart /946 ml.33-605SAE 60US quart /946 ml. (B) 12 per case33-604SAE 70US quart /946 ml.33-60820w50 (Multi Viscosity)US quart /946 ml.33-59625w60 (Iron Cylinder)US quart /946 ml. GOODBETTER33-59720w50 Multi208 Litre Drum* (B) 12 per caseEnglish 1-800-387-7625*208 Litre Drumsare available for allSpectro Oils. If not listed, call for price.Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Platinum(V SYN-3) for late model HarleysSpectro HD Platinum synthetic engine oil is a www.fullboremarketing.ca3-in-1 wonder. Now you can use one oil in all three applications: transmission, primary, and the crankcase/oil resevoir! It provides smoother shifting, reduces friction, offers tremendous lubrication and provides superior protection in extreme heat conditions.One oil for transmission, primary, and crankcase/oil reservoirBESTChemicals33-683HD Platinum V SYN-320w50US quart /946 ml.33-6831HD Platinum V SYN-320w50208 L Drum(B) 12 per case283'