b'Cycle Care ProductsSpectro WashPremium Motorcycle Wash THE This is the best performing cleaning solution available. The toughestBESTdirt, grease, grime, bug splatter, brake dust and road film are all lifted with this spray on/rinse off product, leaving a sparkling,CLEANER-streak-free clean surface that keeps bikes looking like new. Gentle for daily washing, yet effective even for the dirtiest build-up. Contains no petroleum solvents or harsh chemicalsits anUPPERaqueous-based, non-flammable product that will not spot-blanch metals if thoroughly rinsed. Excellent for aluminum wheels.FAX 1-888-238-115433-558Wash, 32 oz. spray 12 per case33-559Wash, 1-gallon refill 4 per case33-560Wash, 5-gallon pail(B)Franais 1-800-387-3359Filter Cleaner Suspension CleanerThe ultimate time saver, an invaluable piece ofSuspension, Brake & Partsmaintenance equipment, Spectro Filter Cleaner is an emulsifying agent that picks up and slicksThis powerful aerosol formula will easily clean away water soluble grease and oiland leavessuspension components. It quickly removes the filter squeaky clean. Use in all off-roadgrease and grime, dries fast leaving no competition motorcycle air filters, except paper types. For best results, use in combination withresidue. Will not cause damage to rubber seals Spectro Filter Oil. No fumes, no flame hazards,or O-rings.English 1-800-387-7625works its wonders in a bucket of warm water.33-588Air Filter Cleaner15.5 oz.33-640Suspension, Brake & Parts Cleaner14.4 oz.(B) 12 per case (B) 12 per caseShinewww.fullboremarketing.caThe newest innovation in Spectro Performance Oils extensive product line-up A silicone-based spray on finish that will give your ride a Showroom Shine! SHINE is the ultimate cleaner/polish for your motorcycle, ATV, UTV, scooter, car, snowmobile & watercraft. It protects from road grime, bugs, grease, dust, dirt and mud. For best results; first clean your ride or surface with Spectro Motorcycle Wash, then finish with Spectro Shine.Chemicals33-555Shine18 oz.(B) 12 per case282'