b'S100 Foaming Cleanser S-100 Finish RestorerRider Magazine hailed it as a revolution for theWhat you use if you didnt pay attention to everything in the left Saturday morning wash. Harley-Davidsoncolumn. 100g tube.picked up S100 and began using it at their factory, test track and decided it was importantFinish Restorer33-540 enough to supply to their dealers. (B) 15 per caseIts also excellent for marine, lawn and garden equipment, snowmobiles, car and truck engines, etc.33-499Foaming Cleanser Aerosol(B) 12 per caseFAX 1-888-238-1154S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner S-100 Shine Enhancing CleanserThis liquid, spray-on cleaner is designedProper surface preparation is essential to getting specifically for cleaning plastic surfaces such asthe best wax job. S-100 Shine Enhancing Cleanser helmets, face shields, fairings and windshieldssafely lifts out acid rain and hard water spots, bird on motorcycles. It is a spray-on, wipe-offand tree droppings without scratching the Franais 1-800-387-3359product requiring no water for rinsing and isprecious clearcoat.safe and effective on polycarbonate and acrylics such as Lexan, Lucite, Plexiglas, fiberglass etc.33-552Shine Enhancing CleanserThe formulation has extremely high anti-streak(B) 12 per caseand low residue properties to enable it to remove insects and other soils quickly and easily, with minimal wiping.10 oz (300ml) bottle with mounted pump sprayer.Recommened by top AraiS-100 Temperature Stable Engine English 1-800-387-7625helmet technicians! Brightener33-544Special Surfaces Cleaner Brightens black painted engine cases, plastics and (B) 12 per carton rubber parts that have faded from heat and UV light damage. Holds up to numerous washings and rainstorms. Bonds to surfaces as it heats up. Makes your engine look like new!www.fullboremarketing.ca33-542Engine Brightener S-100 Corrosion Protectant (B) 12 per caseSpray it on after youve cleaned the bike to protect against UV and the elements. Great for winter storage protection.33-535Corrosion Protectant 210 g (B) 12 per caseS-100 Detail & WaxA quick, easy way to keep the paintwork looking sharp. Great for the showroom.ChemicalsDetail & Wax210 g33-545 (B) 12 per case281'