b'Cycle Cleaners The Best Cleaners You Can Buy! S-100 Cycle CleanersS100 Gift Care SetTackles the kind of dirt, grime and film that accumulates all overpacks 5 of the best S100 motorcycles. It is specially formulated to clean your bike simply, andproducts into a handy in seconds. Just spray on and hose dirt off. S-100 will not dull paintcarry casemakes a great or chrome, nor will itgift any time of year!damage sensitive surfaces, bearings, o-rings, or engine parts. Leaves your bike solvent free so dirt wont stick easily to your clean motorcycle.FAX 1-888-238-115433-505Standard sprayer kit 1 litre(B) 12 per case 33-501S-100 Gift Care Set(B) 4 per caseFranais 1-800-387-3359S-100 Drying Towel Lint-free and super-absorbant, it wont get stiff or brittle and fits nicely into a saddlebag. When it gets dirty, throw it in the washing machine, wring it out, and store it back in the plastic case!S100 500 ml S100 1 litre refill 33-546Drying TowelEnglish 1-800-387-762533-500Starter sprayer 500 ml (B) 12 per case33-510Refill bottle1 litre (B) 12 per casewww.fullboremarketing.caS-100 Wheel CleanerA gel that stays where its sprayed as long as it takes to soak off the crud.33-530Wheel Cleaner gel500 ml (B) 12 per caseShop Size5 litreChemicals33-515Shop size 5 litre33-520Remote sprayer pump(B) 2 per case280'