b'Offroad Competition TiresMX 216Enduro/Desert21-903180/100-21TT 51RIdeal taller profile navigates through trees , rocks21-903290/90-21TT 54Rand square edge terrain with ease 21-903390/100-21TT 57R216 MX Fatty!Split tread pattern cleans out wheel and offers21-9034140/80-18TT 70Rprecise point and go control (D)DOT ApprovedFront works great with the Shinko 505/525 Cheater tireSR520 SuperDigger Mini-X, SR523 Rear MX 21-8412.50-10 TT 33JF-52021-8432.50-12 TT 33JF-520Soft-Intermediate/Hard 21-81080/100-21TT 51MF-52021-8422.75-10TT38JR-520FAX 1-888-238-1154520/523 tread patterns for soft/intermediate to hard terrain soil21-84490/100-14TT 49MR-520conditions.21-812100/100-18TT 59MR-523523-Offers good traction, braking and stability for greater control21-814110/100-18TT 64MR-523520-Directional tread pattern (wide21-816110/100-18TT 64MR-520soil variety) 21-818120/100-18TT 68MR-520Reinforced knobs resist tearing and21-819100/90-19TT 57MR-520Achunking 21-813100/90-19TT 57MR-523Franais 1-800-387-3359Economically pricedHigh carbon compound 21-815110/90-19TT 62MR-52321-820110/90-19TT 62MR-520SR250 21-817120/90-19TT 66MR-523(D)SR540 Mud/Sand MXThe 540 is designed for extremely soft terrain, such as mud and sand.21-85770/100-19TT 42MEnglish 1-800-387-7625For extremely soft terrain (mud/sand) 21-79180/100-21TT 51MWide spaced knobs shed mud quickly 21-85090/100-16TT 51MTall aggressive tread pattern 21-794 110/90-19TT 62MIncreased traction in the nastiest condition (D)Mini-Bike & Small Offroadwww.fullboremarketing.caSR428 OEM Yamaha TW200 4-ply nylon carcass 21-9542130/80-1866P DOT approved 21-9541180/80-1478P (D)SR421 Dual Sport Mini Bike TrailTough nylon carcass with dimpled knobs to provide21-95443.50-8TT 46Jtraction in a variety of terrains 21-95474.00-8TT 55JOpen tread pattern cleans out well in muddy21-95453.00-10TT 42JTiresconditions 21-95463.50-10TT 51JHeavy duty 4-ply carcass for durability(D)276'