b'Offroad Competition TiresSR546 All Around 21-857170/100-17TT 40M 21-857270/100-19TT 42MSoft-Intermediate21-857380/100-21TT 51M 21-857490/100-21TT 57MThe SR546 works well in a wide range of conditions from mud, sand21-858590/100-14TT 49Mto intermediate loam.21-8586 90/100-16TT 52MRear tire with tall, widely spaced knobs for21-8587100/100-18TT 59Mexcellent straight line traction and self-cleaning 21-8588110/100-18TT 64MFront uses 45 degree knobs for excellent21-8592120/100-18TT 63Medge bite while cornering and great braking21-8589100/90-19TT 57Mstability 21-8590 110/90-19TT 62MDurable rubber compound for long knob life 21-8591120/80-19TT 63M(D)FAX 1-888-238-1154SR524/525 Holeshot MX 21-84660/100-14TT 29M21-85270/100-17TT 40MSoft-Intermediate21-85670/100-19TT 42MThe 524/525 front and rear combo is ideal21-80080/100-21TT 51Mfor soft to intermediate terrain. 21-84880/100-14TT 49MWide self-cleaning tread pattern 21-84590/100-14TT 49MFranais 1-800-387-3359Reinforced knobs resist tearing and21-84990/100-16TT 51Mchunking 21-803100/100-18TT 59MHigh Carbon Compound 21-804110/100-18TT 64MTube type TT 21-805120/100-18TT 68M21-807100/90-19TT 57M21-808110/90-19TT 62M21-809120/90-19TT 66MEnglish 1-800-387-7625SR505 Hybrid Cheater(D)Extreme Single Track New Hybrid Enduro / Extreme single track enduro21-9035110/100-18TT 64Mtire finds traction in the most extreme conditions.21-9036120/100-18TT 68MBest of both worlds; soft sticky rubber compound in21-9037110/90-19TT 62M a knobby tread pattern to work in a wider variety of soil conditions. Where a Trials tire falls short in21-9038120/90-19TT 66Mbraking and loose soil, the 505 bridges the gap.(D)www.fullboremarketing.caWorks well in hard terrain.Not highway approved by DOTM Speed Rated ( 81 mph or 130 km/h )SR525 Hybrid CheaterExtreme Single Track 21-904190/100-16TT 51M21-9042110/100-18TT 64MShinkos newest Hybrid Soft/Intermediate Terrain21-9044120/100-18TT 68MEnduro/Extreme single track trail tire finds traction21-9043110/90-19TT 62Min the most extreme conditionsWhere a Trials tire falls short in braking and loose21-9045120/90-19TT 66Msoil conditions, the 525 Cheater bridges that gap(D)Tiresto make it the Ultimate Hybrid off-road tireWide self-cleaning tread designAvailable in popular 18 and 19 sizes275'