b'Dual Sport and Trail DOT Sport TiresRADIAL21-9167120/70R-17TL 58HSR705 21-917110/80R-19TL 59H M+S 21-9168120/70R-19TL 60H M+S 80/20 Adventure Touring 21-918150/70R-17TL 69H M+S Versatile tread pattern provides excellent21-9169170/60R-17TL 72H M+S wet and dry weather adhesion and smooth21-919150/70R-18TL 70V running on the highway (D)Rubber compound resists tearing during off road use BIAS PLYDOT approved, 4 ply rated 21-907110/80-19TL 59QFrontMost sizes for Front or Rear (F/R) 21-90690/90-21TL 54HFrontH (130 mph) or Q (99 mph) rated 21-910120/90-17TT 64HF/R21-912130/80-17TL 65HF/RFAX 1-888-238-115421-913130/90-17TT 68HF/R21-914140/80-17TT 69HF/R21-908150/70-17TL 69HRear21-9154.10-18TT 62HE-705 F/RSR804/805 Extreme Dual Sport 21-916120/80-186TT 2HF/R(D)Dual Sport 40/60 21-901690/90-21TT 54S M+S Franais 1-800-387-3359Utilizing the latest in big block tire21-901790/90-21TL 54T M+Stechnology these bias adventure tires are21-9018100/90-19TT 57SM+Sideal for situations where a rider spends21-902110/80-19TL 59Q M+S40% on-road and 60% off-road. 21-9021120/70R-19 TL 60H M+S 21-8881130/80-17TT 65S M+S21-8882130/80-17TL 65T M+S21-8883140/80-17TT 69Q M+S 21-903150/70-17TL 69Q M+SEnglish 1-800-387-7625SR255 Trail Pro 21-9023170/60R-17 TL 72H M+S 21-8880120/90-18TT 65R M+S Radial Rears 21-8886150/70-18TL 70Q M+S(D)A super soft compound & highly flexible radial carcass; provides excellent grip on rocks and other21-896110/90R-18TL 61L slick terrain. Ideal for technical single-track terrain.21-898120/90R-18TL 61L Lightweight un-sprung weight for improved21-897110/80R-19TL 59L www.fullboremarketing.caperformance and maneuverability 21-899120/80R-19TL 59LExcellent in gnarly single-track terrain19 size allows use for most all full size MX without(D)changing rear rimsDOT approvedSR241 Vintage Dual Sport 80/20 Vintage Trail F/R 21-95133.00 - 21TT 51PTough nylon carcass and high dimpled knobs work21-95143.50 - 18TT 56Pwell in a variety of terrain 21-95164.00 - 18TT 64P4 ply rate, DOT approved, tube type 21-95153.50 - 19TT 57PAll sizes will work for front or rear fit (D)TiresL (75 mph or 120 km/h)P (94 mph or 150 km/h) J Speed Rated (62 mph or 100 km/h )273'