b'V-Twin TiresSR777 H.D. & Metric CruiserFor Heavy Duty (HD) cruiser. Available in a many sizes to fit most V-Twin, H-D and metric cruiser bikes.Tubeless, 4-ply carcassTires labelled Reflector = reflective stripeWhite Wall available on some: WWSpeed Rating: H (130mph)FRONT REAR21-5208130/90-16TL 73HHD 21-5251150/90-15 TL 74HHD21-5209130/90-16TL 73H WWHD 21-5252150/90-15 TL 74H WWHD21-5224150/80-16TL 77HHD 21-5256160/80-15 TL 74HFAX 1-888-238-115421-5225150/80-16TL 77H WWHD 21-5258170/80-15 TL 77H HD21-5227120/90-17TL 64H 21-5259170/80-15 TL 77H WWHD21-5276130/80-17TL 65H 21-5285180/70-15 TL 77H HD21-5277130/80-17TL 65H WW 21-5214130/90-16 TL 73H HD21-5222140/80-17TL 69H 21-5215130/90-16 TL 73H WW HD21-5223140/80-17TL 69H WW 21-5215R130/90-16 TL 73 ReflectorFranais 1-800-387-335921-5229120/90-18TL 65H 21-5216140/90-16 TL 77H21-5230130/70-18TL 69HHD 21-5219MU85-16 TL 77H HD21-5231130/70-18TL 69H WWHD 21-5220MU85-16 TL 77H WWHD21-5210100/90-1961H HD 21-5217150/80-16 TL 77H HD21-5210R100/90-1961H Reflector 21-5218150/80-16 TL 77H WWHD21-5232100/90-19TL 57H WWHD 21-5218R150/80-16 TL 77H Reflector21-5236110/90-19TL 62H 21-5272170/70-16 TL 76H21-5238130/60-19TL 62HHD 21-5273170/70-16 TL 76H WWEnglish 1-800-387-762521-5237130/60-19TL 62H WWHD 21-5274 180/65-16 TL 81HHD21-521180/90-21 54HHD 21-5275180/65-16 TL 81H WWHD21-521290/90-21 54H 21-5275R180/65-16 TL 81H Reflector21-521390/90-21 TL 54H WWHD 21-5278160/70-17 TL 79H HD21-5282120/70-21 TL 68VHD 21-5279160/70-17 TL 73H WW HD21-5283120/70-21 TL 68V WWHD 21-5286140/70 -18TL 69HHD21-5280130/60-23 TL 75HHD 21-528140/70-18TL 69H WWHD21-5284120/50-26 TL 73HHD 21-5288150/70 -18 TL 76HHDwww.fullboremarketing.ca(D) 21-5287150/70 -18 TL 69H WWHD21-5260180/55-18 TL 84HHD21-5261180/55-18 TL 84H WWHDSR 250 V-Twin Alphanumeric(D)Designed for both excellent handling and long life. Modern directional tread design for excellent wet weather adhesion and21-5201MT90-16TL 73Hlong stable mileage. 21-5202MT90-16TL 73H WW Aramid belt (high load stability)21-5203MM90-19 TL 61HWhite Wall available for MT90: WW21-5205MH90-21TT 56H 4 ply nylon (except 21) H rated tubeless (130 mph) except21-5206MT90-16TL 74HMH90-21 21-5207MT90-16TL 74H WW Tires(D)271'