b'High Mileage Touring TiresSE 890 JourneyBig Bike Hi Mileage RadialsDesigned for larger touring bikes and cruisers and a versatile all- 21-5083150/80R17TL 72H weather tread pattern. Available in sizes for Honda Valkyrie, GL150021-5084130/70R18TL 63H and GL1800 Gold Wing models 21-5095160/80R16TL 81H Economically priced without sacrificing quality 21-5096180/60R16TL 74H Excellent ride and load carrying21-5097180/70R16TL 77H capabilities (D)Aramid belted radial constructionTread compound designed for optimal grip and good mileageSpeed Rating: H (130 mph)FAX 1-888-238-1154V-Twin Classic & Super Classic Franais 1-800-387-3359240 Classic ; modern construction and performance. 21-922100/90-19TL 63H Compounded for high mileage 21-923100/90-19TL 63H WWTube Type, 4 ply nylon carcass 21-920MT90-16TT 74H F/RSpeed Rating: H(130 mph)21-921MT90-16TT 74H F/R Twin WW Aramid belt offsets tread distortion for21-940MT90-16TT 74H F/R WWW better grip and durability (D)Some available in single stripe whitewallWW or double stripe whitewallWWWEnglish 1-800-387-7625270 Super Classic ; a classic, full aspect ratio saw tooth21-94524.00-19TT 61Hdesign. 21-94534.00-19TT 61H WWClassic full aspect ratio saw tooth design 21-9443.00-21TT 57S Tube Type, full 4 ply rated nylon carcass 21-9513.00-21TT 57S WWExtended wear with a classic appearance 21-9415.00-16TT 69S F/R Available in white side wallWW 21-9425.00-16TT 69S F/R WW Speed rating: S (112 mph)www.fullboremarketing.ca21-94544.00-18TT 64H F/R21-94554.00-18TT 64H F/R WW21-9434.50-18TT 70H F/R21-9454.50-18TT 70H F/R WW(D)Tires270'