b'Street & Touring Bias Tires21-590130/90-16TL 67V SR230 V Series21-570150/80-16TL 71H Bias Ply Premium21-573120/90-17TL 64V21-571150/80-17TL 72H Designed to carry high loads for long distances, in wet or dry21-5913.00-18TT 47S conditions. The staggered tread design offers a quiet ride with21-592100/90-18TL 56V excellent handling. All at a price that leaves money in your pocket so you can enjoy riding even more. 21-593110/90-18TL 61V 21-594120/90-18TL 65V Long distance /high speed riding 21-596100/90-19TL 57V Aramid belted 21-598110/90-19TL 62V Tubeless, 4 ply carcassH (130 mph) or V (149 mph) rated 21-59980/90-H21TL 48H DOT approved 21-630130/90-15TL 66V 21-632140/90-15TL 76V 21-634 150/90-15TL 80V FAX 1-888-238-115421-635170/80-15TL 83V 21-633180/70-15TL 76H 21-636130/90-16TL 73V 21-638140/90-16TL 77V 21-639150/80-16TL 71H 21-640130/90-17TL 74V Street & Touring 21-642120/90-18TL 71VFranais 1-800-387-3359Designed for mileage and performance without the high price tag.21-644130/90-18TL 69VAll tires in this series are DOT approved & 4-ply rated tubeless. (D)21-5005100/80-16TL 50HSR 740SR71221-498110/90-16TL 59PSR 735 F/RBias Ply Street H Series 21-490120/80-16TL 60HSR 712 For mileage & performance with a21-5006110/70-17TL 54HSR 740(Hyos. O.E)staggered tread pattern that provides21-5007110/80-17TL 58HSR 740(Hyos. O.E)English 1-800-387-7625excellent wet weather performance. 21-50123.00-18TL 55HSR712712 series can be used front or rear,21-482100/90-18TL 56HSR 712where indicated with F/R.Arrow marked front, mount reverse for rear use; Arrow21-518130/70-18TL 63HSR 733(Hi Load GL)marked rear, mount reverse for front21-483100/90-19TL 57HSR 712use. 21-484110/90-19TL 62HSR 712Speed rating:H (130mph)21-500130/90-15TL 66PSR 73421-4905140/90-15TL 70HSR 712SR740/SR74121-499150/80-15TL 70SSR 734www.fullboremarketing.caSpecial OE App 21-5001170/80-15TL 77HSR 73421-498 110/90-16TL 59PSR 735 F/RSpecially designed tread efficiently21-5008130/80-16TL 64HSR 741disperses water in wet road conditions. 21-491130/90-16TL 67HSR 712Front (SR740) & Rear (SR741) versions available. 21-519160/80-16TL 75HSR 734(Hi Load GL)H (130mph) or V (149mph) rated 21-5009130/70-17TL 62HSR 741Hyosung replacement tire and others 21-493 130/90-17TL 68HSR 71221-494150/70-17TL 69HSR 71221-5010150/70-17TL 69HSR 741(Hyos. O.E)SR733/734/735 21-495100/90-18TL 56HSR 712Big Bike Bias Touring 21-50133.50-18TL 60HSR712Popular touring/cruiser tread pattern 21-496110/90-18TL 61HSR 712TiresH (130mph) , S (115mph) or P (94mph)21-497120/90-18TL 65HSR 712rated 21-5011140/70-18TL 63HSR 741(Hyos. O.E)(D) 269'