b'High Performance Radials 016 Verge-2XDC Superior Traction and MileageThe dual compound technology gives21-4660120/60ZR-17TL 55W the best of both worlds: superior21-4661120/70ZR-17TL 58W traction and mileage. Sipes added for21-4667160/60ZR-17TL 73W better wet grip and even wear. 21-4668180/55ZR-17TL 73W Full steel belted rear tire and Aramid belted front for high speed handling 21-4669190/50ZR-17TL 73W Tread profile designed for quick21-4672190/55ZR-17TL 73W transitions and more lean angle 21-4670200/50ZR-17TL 75W (D)011 Verge Radials21-4640120/60ZR-17TL 55W FAX 1-888-238-115421-4641120/70ZR-17TL 58W Super Touring with Mileage 21-4644140/75VR-17TL 67V Designed for sport/touring riding, the 011 combines performance21-4642120/70ZR-18TL 59W with extended tread life. A 0 Joint-Less Steel Belted Rear for added21-4643130/60VR-23TL 65V stability-strength, with Apex front Aramid belted for enhanced21-4645150/80ZR-16TL 78V high-speed performance. 21-4646160/60ZR-17TL 69W Zero Degree JLSB (Joint-Less Steel Franais 1-800-387-3359Belted)Rear 21-4647170/60ZR-17TL 72W Aramid beltedFront 21-4648180/55ZR-17TL 73W Tread compound gives excellent grip &21-4649190/50ZR-17TL 73W extended tread life 21-4650200/50ZR-17TL 75W Tread radius designed for enhanced21-4653200/55ZR-17TL 71W high speed corneringSpeed rating: W (168 mph)21-4651200/50ZR-18TL 76V DOT approved 21-4652300/35ZR-18TL 78V (D)English 1-800-387-7625009 Raven Radials Great Grip, Great Mileage21-449120/60ZR-17TL 55W The Raven radial was specifically21-450120/70ZR-17TL 58W designed for long life and superior riding comfort. Tread compound gives high grip21-460 160/60ZR-17TL 69W on both wet and dry roads. 21-461170/60ZR-17TL 72W www.fullboremarketing.caHighest tread life of Shinko sport- 21-462180/55ZR-17TL 73W performance radials 21-463190/50ZR-17TL 73W Aramid belted 21-464200/50ZR-17TL 75W Speed rating: W (168 mph)DOT approved (D)SR 880-88121-4806130/60ZR-16TL 58W Designed for all weather, good traction,21-4808110/70R-17TL 54V and tire life on small and mid sizes sport commuter bikes 21-4807160/60ZR-16TL 68W All weather tread design, works well in21-4809 140/70R-17TL 66V wet and dry road conditions (D)TiresIntermediate compound offers good traction and tire lifeW speed rated (168 mph), Aramid belted, DOT approved268'