b'High Performance Supersport Radials010 Apex Hypersport RadialSupersportDesigned for serious sportbike riding. The 010 Apex Radial rear tire21-4680 120/60ZR-1755W TL features Zero Degree JLSB (Joint-Less Steel Belted) state-of-the-art21-4681 120/70ZR-1758W TLtechnology for added stability and21-4689 150/60ZR-1766W TL strength, while the 010 Apex front tire is21-4690 160/60ZR-1769W TL Aramid belted for enhanced high-speed performance. 21-4691 170/60ZR-1772W TLIntermediate compound 21-4692 180/55ZR-1773W TLDOT approved 21-4693 190/50ZR-1773W TLTread radius designed for enhanced21-4694 190/55ZR-1775W TLhigh speed cornering 21-4695 200/50ZR-1775W TL Speed rating: W (168 mph) (D)FAX 1-888-238-1154005 Advance/Smoke BombRadial 21-470120/60ZR-17TL 55W 21-471120/70ZR-17TL 58W Greater Grip, Reasonable Mileage 21-472130/70VR-18TL 63V 21-475120/70-21TL 62V A large block-type tread pattern makes the Advance an excellent21-476160/60ZR-17TL 69W Franais 1-800-387-3359all-around Radial tire, offering exceptional braking, cornering, and acceleration characteristics. 21-477170/60ZR-17TL 72W Smoke Bomb tires (with SR/SB suffix) give off Red or Blue smoke21-478180/55ZR-17TL 73W when spun up 21-478SB180/55ZR-17TL 73WBLUE SMOKESpecially designedtread grooves help21-478SR180/55ZR-17TL 73WRED SMOKEdissipate water efficiently on wet21-479190/50ZR-17TL 73W surfaces 21-479SB190/50ZR-17TL 73WBLUE SMOKEIntermediaterubber compound 21-479SR190/50ZR-17TL 73WRED SMOKEEnglish 1-800-387-7625 Aramid belts enhance high speed performance 21-480200/50ZR-17TL 75W Speed rating: W (168 mph) 21-481240/40VR-18TL 75WAdvance Fat RadialDOT approved (except Smoke Bomb) (D)006 Shinko Podium 21-4801 130/70ZR-16 TL 61W 21-4802 110/70R-17 TL 54V www.fullboremarketing.caHP Radial 21-4803 120/60ZR-17 TL 55W 21-4804 120/70ZR-17 TL 58W Streamlined tread pattern reduces rotating resistance while21-4805 130/60ZR-17 TL 59W improving water drainage. Smoother shoulder profile insures superior grip and exceptional stability at all lean angles. 21-4810 140/60R-17 TL 63V 21-4811 150/60R-17 TL 66V Aramid belted 21-4812 160/60ZR-17 TL 69W Intermediate rubber compound 21-4813 170/60ZR-17 TL 72W DOT approvedW (168 mph) or V (149 mph) rated 21-4814 180/55ZR-17 TL 73W 16, 17, and 18 sizes available 21-4815 140/60R-18 TL 64V 21-4816 150/60R-18 TL 67V 21-4817 170/60R-18 TL 73V (D) Tires267'