b'Vintage Racing TiresVintage Racing TiresK44 is an all-weather tire in a classic pattern for modern and older bikesK45 provides maximum traction and low warm-up times on the racetrackK64 is a sport touring tire that delivers the best balance between performance and mileage, offering a superior, smooth rideK65 is designed for the street and provides the best performance and handling. A sticky tire that doesnt waste away with the miles.K44 K45 K64 K6515-1548 2.75-18TL 42SK45 RSW/DRY Vintage Chevron Pattern: Racing Soft WarmFAX 1-888-238-115415-1550 3.00-18TT 47HK65 RSW/DRY Vintage Racing Soft Warm15-1553 90/90-18TL 51HK44 RSW/DRY Vintage Ribbed; Racing Soft Warm15-1551 3.50-18TT 56HK65 RSW/DRY Vintage Racing Soft WarmRear15-1554100/90-18TL56HK65 RSW/DRYVintage Racing Soft Warm15-1555110/90-18TL 61HK65 RSW/DRYVintage Racing Soft Warm15-1556 110/80-18TL 60HK65 RSW/DRY Vintage Racing Soft WarmFranais 1-800-387-335915-1558 120/90-18TL 60HK65 RSW/DRY Vintage Racing Modern Pattern Soft Warm15-1557 130/70-18TL 63HK64 RSW/DRY Modern Pattern; Racing Soft Warm15-1559 3.25-19TL 54HK34 RSW/DRY Modern Pattern; Racing Soft Warm(D)English 1-800-387-7625www.fullboremarketing.caTires265'