b'Cruiser and Touring TiresK65 Cruiser and Touring Tires(front/rear)The K65 tire combination has been especially developed for V-Twin and metric cruiser bikes. Good-natured handling under any weather conditions and high riding comfort are the outstanding features of this tire combination. Sticky tires that do not waste away with the miles!15-1251130/90-16TL 73H Reinf. F/R Harley Front/Rear, common Suz, Kaw, Yam Front15-1185100/90-18TL 56H BMW Airhead FrontFAX 1-888-238-115415-1253110/80-18TL 60H K100LT, A, K100RS ABS, Triumph Adventurer, T/Bird Front 15-1255110/90-18TL 61H Common Honda Cruiser, America, V-Star 1100 Custom Front15-1195120/90-18TL 71H Reinf.BMW Airhead Rear, VT1100C2, A.C.E. Front 15-126190/90-19TL 52H 15-1262100/90-19TL 57HCommon Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha cruiser Front15-1266110/90-19TL 62HVTX1300C, VT1100C, Spirit, SUZ Blvd S83, VS1400 Front 15-127080/90-21TL 48HVS800GL FrontFranais 1-800-387-335915-1274MH90-21TL 54HHarley, Honda Sabre, VT750 Spirit C2 Front 15-1249130/90-15TL 66S15-1289140/90-15TL 70H K65Small - Mid Cruiser Rear15-1290150/90-15TL 74HGL1200, VN1500A, SE, L, ZG1200, VN750, GV1400, Royal Star Rear15-1294170/80-15TL 77HVery common BMW, Honda, Suz, Triumph, Yamaha cruiser Rear15-1296120/90-16TL 63H F/ROlder small cruiser Front/Rear15-1251130/90-16TL 73H Reinf. F/RHarley Front/Rear, common Suz, Kaw, Yam Front15-1297140/90-16TL 77H K65Harley RearEnglish 1-800-387-762515-1298150/80-16TL 71HHarley, Kawasaki, Triumph, Yamaha cruiser Front/Rear15-12563.50-1856H15-13014.00-18TL 64H15-1195120/90-18TL 71H Reinf.BMW Airhead Rear, VT1100C2, A.C.E. Front(D)www.fullboremarketing.caTires264'