b'Scooter TiresThe all-season tires with open pattern blocks and pattern structure adapted to the respective vehicle class allow for high water dispersal capability which results in an exceptionally good grip in wet weather. Furthermore, the use of special compounds ensures excellent performance.15-120090/90-10TL 50J K58 Reinf.Honda Jazz 50 Front & Rear K58 K59 K6115-1203 100/80-10TL 58M K58 ET2 50cc, ET4 150cc Front15-1204 100/80-10TL 58M K61 ET2 50cc, ET4 150cc Front15-1216 3.00-10TL 50J K58 Reinf.Honda SA50 Elite LX, SK50 Dio15-1217 3.50-10TL 59J K58 Reinf. Honda NH80, CH125/250, PGO Metro 50/125, Yam CV80, Riva 125/180, Vino 12515-1201 120/70-10TL 54M K61 Reinf.Popular Vespa Sport15-1202 120/70-10TL 54M K62 Reinf.Popular Vespa All-WeatherFAX 1-888-238-115415-1228 120/70-10TL 54M K62 Reinf.M+S Snowtex15-1218 120/90-10TL 66M K59 Honda NPS50 Ruckus, Yamaha BW, BWs5015-12191 120/90-10TL 66M K77 Honda NPS50 Ruckus, Yamaha BW, BWs5015-1220 130/70-10TL 62M K61 Reinf.Vespa GT60 (250cc) 60th Anniversary 2007K6215-1219 130/90-10TL 61J K59 Honda NPS50 Ruckus, Yamaha BW, BWs5015-12192130/90-10TL 61J K77 Honda NPS50 Ruckus, Yamaha BW, BWs5015-1221 110/70-11TL 45M K61Popular Vespa SportFranais 1-800-387-335915-1222 110/70-11TL 45M K58Popular Vespa All-Weather15-1227110/70-11TL 45M K58 M+S Snowtex15-1226120/70-11TL 56M K61 Reinf.15-12221120/70-11TL 56M K58 Mod. Reinf. 15-1224110/70-12TL 56M K61Vespa Sprint 50, 150 2015 Front15-1225120/70-12TL 58S K61 Reinf.Vespa GT60 (250cc) 60th Anniversary 200715-1229110/70-12TL 56M K58Vespa Sprint 150 Front 201515-1223120/70-12TL 58S K58 mod. Reinf.Honda Grom, Vespa, Euro, Kymco - Street & Rain K64English 1-800-387-762515-1230120/70-12TL 58S K66 LT Reinf.Street & Rain15-1235120/70-12TL 58S K66 LT M+SSiO2 Reinforced Hi-Silica Cold Weather/Snow w/o Snow Flake15-1231120/70-12TL 58S K80SRFLY50 & 150 Frt & Rr , MP3 Frt15-1232130/70-12TL 62P K80SRMP3 250cc Rear15-1238130/70-12TL 62P K58 Mod. Reinf.Honda Grom, Vespa, Euro, Kymco - Street & Rain15-1239130/70-12TL 62P K61 Reinf.Vespa, Euro, Kymco Rear15-1240130/70-12TL 62P K66 LT Reinf.Street & Rainwww.fullboremarketing.ca15-1245130/70-12TL 62P K66 LT M+SSiO2 Reinforced Hi-Silica Cold Weather/Snow w/o Snow Flake15-1250140/70-12TL 65P K61 Reinf. RrKymco Bet & Win 25015-1205 130/60-13TL 60P K72 Reinf.SR50R & Factory Front & Rear, Atlantis 50(4T), Boulevard 150 Front & Rear15-1206 150/70-13TL 64S K66Downtown 300i Rear, AN400 Burgman 07-12 Rear, YP400 Majesty Rear K6615-1207 120/70-14TL 55S K66Sportcity 50-125 Front & Rear15-1208 120/80-14TL 58S K66Downtown 300i Front, AN400 Burgman 07-12 Front, YP400 Majesty Front15-1209 140/70-14TL 64S K66 RrMP3 300 & 500cc Rear15-1210 140/70-14TL 68S K64 RrMP3 300 & 500cc Rear15-1211 150/70-14TL 66S K66Xciting 500R, i, ABS Rear15-1246160/60-14TL 65HK81 Sport15-1212160/60-14TL 65H K66 15-1247120/70-15TL 56H K81 SportTires15-1214 120/70-15TL 56S K66Sportcity 300 Front, Xciting 500R, i, ABS Front15-1215 130/80-15TL 63P K66Sportcity 300 Rear(D)263'