b'Sport / Commuter / Classic TiresClassic Tires(front/rear)Classic tires for motorcycles with modest horsepower. They combine advanced material compounds with a classic appearance and are thus best suited for all types of vintage bikes.The K67 is a classic motorcycle Enduro tire. The classic block design provides good performance on and off the road. Due to its vintage look the K67 fits excellent on classic Enduros and Scrambler restorations. D.O.T. approved.15-11613.25-18TT 52S K34 BMW Airhead Front15-1160 3.50-18TT 62S K34 Reinf. BMW Airhead Front & Sidecar K34 K36 K3715-115990/90-18TL 51H K44BMW Airhead Front to 198415-1162 3.25-19TT 54H K34Royal Enfield Electra DLXF/RFAX 1-888-238-115415-11573.50-16TT 60P K29 SWSpecifically designed for Sidecar15-11585.00-16TT 76P P29 SW Sidecar15-11713.50-18TT 62P K37 M+SSiO2 Reinf. R/F Heavy Duty Classic Enduro15-11644.00-18TL 64H K36BMW Airhead15-11654.00-18TT 64H K34 Front & Rear15-11763.25-19TT 54T K67Classic Enduro & Scrambler Front & Rear15-11754.00-18TT 64T K67Classic Enduro & Scrambler RearFranais 1-800-387-335915-11633.50-19 TT 57H K34Royal Enfield Electra DLX Front & Rear15-11684.00-19 TT 71P K37 Reinf.Ural, Reinforced Rear15-11724.00-19 TT 71P K37 M+S Reinf. SiO2 ReinforcedMud+Snoww/o Snow Flake K67 K28 P2915-11744.00-19 TT 71P K28 Reinf.Sidecar Use15-1177 2.75-21 TT 45P K67Classic Enduro Front(D)Sports/Commuter Tires(front/rear)English 1-800-387-7625The Heidenau K63 Tire is a reliable touring tire, designed for high mileage and excellent performance in all weather conditions.The K64 Tire is a touring tire designed for high mileage and a smooth, comfortable ride.The K66 is a 4-season tire that delivers superior grip and performance in every situation.The K68 sport touring tires are characterized by excellent handling and cornering ability. The optimized tread pattern guarantees highK66 K63, K64 K68www.fullboremarketing.caperformance and great wet grip, as well as long life.15-1186 100/80-16TL 56P K66 M+S Reinf. Snowtex15-1188 120/80-16TL 60S K66 M+S Snowtex15-1191 80/90-17TL 50S K66 07-10 CBR125R Front15-1192100/80-17TL 52H K6607-10 CBR125R Rear, 11-14 Front15-1193 110/70-17TL 54H K66 CBR250/300R, CRF250M, Ninja 250/300, WR250X Front15-1194 130/70-17TL 62H K66 CBR125R 11-15, CRF250M, Ninja 250R Rear15-1560 130/80-17TL 65H K6415-1187 140/70-17TL 66H K66 CBR250/300R, Ninja 300R, DR-Z400SM, WR250X Rear15-1196 110/70-17TL 54H K63 500/250 Ninja etc Sport Front15-1197 130/70-17TL 62H K64 500/250 Ninja etc Sport RearTires15-1198 110/70-17TL 54H K68 CRF230M, Ninja 250R, CPI GTR-50 Front15-1199 130/60-17 TL 59H K68 CRF230M, Ninja 250R, CPI GTR-50 Rear 262 (D)'