b'Dual Sport 50/50K60 Scout Dual Sport50/50 On/Off Road AdventureThe K60 Scout combines the traction of an Enduro tire with the mileage capability of a street tire. It represents the optimum for all enduro riders irrespective of whether they ride their vehicles off or on paved roads. The big blocks of the tire guarantee a long service life and the wide tread grooves take care of the self-cleaning of the tire when riding offroad. M+S is for Extreme Service.Now available, a new cold climate compound in the popular 150/70-17 size.FAX 1-888-238-1154Note:The tread pattern varies depending on size and projected use.15-1072 110/80-18TT 58S K6015-1077 100/90-19TL 57H K60 F650, F650GS04, G650Xcountry, G650GS 09-10, ScramblerFranais 1-800-387-335915-1078 110/80-19TL 59T M+S K60 Scout R1100-1200GS, Varadero, Super Tenere, V-Strom, Tiger 80015-1080120/70-19TL 60T M+ S K60 Scout R1200GS LC 2013-14.15-108290/90-21TL 54T M+S K60 Scout F800GS, HP2, F650GS Dakar, G650GS 2012, Adventurer 950-990, 640, 690 Enduro, KLR, Tri. 800XC15-108690/90-21TT 54T M+S K60 Hi-Silica Option for above bikes in more extreme offroad use. Hi Silica.15-108590/90-21TT 54T K60 XR650L, KLR650, DR-Z400, S, E, W250R, XT225 15-1050 120/90-17TT 64T K60 Scout DR650S, SE & KLR650 Alternate15-1056 130/80-17TL 65T M+S K60 Scout F650, Dakar, GS, G650GS, Serto, Xcountry, R100GS, KLR650, Scrambler15-1052 5.10-17TT 69T Reinf. K60(repl.130/80) KLR650 TT Econo, slight oversizeEnglish 1-800-387-762515-1058 140/80-17TL 69T M+S K60 Scout R1200 HP2, F650/700GS(800cc), G650GS 11-13, Tiger 900 93-9815-1060 150/70-17TL 69T M+S K60 Scout R1200 to 1100GS & GSA, F800GS, V-Strom-All, Varadero, Super Tenere, Tiger 1200, 955i, 900 99-00, 800 & XC15-1062150/70-17TL 69T K60 Scout CCCold Climate compound15-1061 170/60-17TL 72T K60 SC M+S R1200GS LC 2013-1415-1068 120/90-18TT 71T Reinf. K60 XR650L, DR-Z400, S, E15-1070 120/80-18TT 62T K60 XR650L, DR-Z400, S, E, WR250R, XT225, Generic DOT Legal15-1069 4.00-18TT 64T M+S K60 Scout R80GS, R65GS, XL250, XR250R, KLX250S15-1073 130/80-18TT 70S K60www.fullboremarketing.ca15-1071140/80-18TT 70S M+S K60 Scout 950 Super Enduro R, 690 Enduro R, 640 Adventure, G450X, TE630, TE511, TC & TE450, X-Country15-1075150/70-18TL 70T M+S K60 Scout 1190 Adventure R, 990 & 950 Adventure(D)K60 Dual Sport50/50 On/Off RoadThe original enduro tire, forerunner of the much improved Scout, the K60 comes in the smaller sizes for the lighter Dual Sport bikes. Both are listed so you can easily find your size and option if available. Tires259'