b'100% Offroad DOT TiresK79 DOT Front Extreme Off-road Tire Mid-SoftThe K79 is built for mid-soft and sandy surfaces. The15-101890/90-21 TT 54SK79 FRspecial knobby design allows for superior acceleration(D)and stability.FAX 1-888-238-1154K69 DOT Front Extreme Off-road Tire Mid-Hard All-TerrainThe K69 tire has been specifically developed for use15-1023 80/100-21 TT 51S K69 FRon hard, stony ground. Its excellent cornering stability 15-1024 90/90-21TT 54S K69 FRis achieved by the lateral tread blocks and extreme15-1021110/90-19 TT K69 Rear steady carcass. Superior grip and acceleration is Franais 1-800-387-3359possible thanks to the tires outstanding self-cleaning(D)effect.K74 DOT Rear Extreme Off-road Tire English 1-800-387-7625MST All AroundThe all-around K74 is a true MST performer (MULTI15-1036 120/90-17TT 68T K74 SERVICE TERRAIN). The combination of a stable15-1037 130/80-17TT 65T K74 carcass and open pattern provides excellent grip and15-1038 120/90-18TT 65S K74 performance for any situation. 15-1039 130/80-18TT 66S K74 15-1040 140/80-18TT 70R K74www.fullboremarketing.ca (D)GnarlyOff-roadDOT TiresTires258'