b'Dual Sport TiresKAROO STREETDesigned for the evolving needs of adventure bike owners,20-820110/80R-19TL 59V M+SKAROO Street is an enduro tire that combines enhanced wet20-821120/70R-19TL 60V M+Sperformance, stability and mileage with outstanding off- 20-82290/90-21TL 54V M+Sroad capabilities on dirt roads20-7801130/80R-17TL 65V M+Sand hard packed terrain 20-7802140/80R-17 TL 69V M+SSport touring profile offers20-823150/70R-17TL 69V M+Sdynamic and agile on-road behavior 20-824170/60R-17TL 72V M+SHigh silica compound20-825150/70R-18TL 70V M+Simproves grip in wet20-7803180/55R-17TL 73V M+Sconditions (H)Layout of the knobs provides a consistent contact patch for FAX 1-888-238-1154enhanced off-road capabilitiesKAROO-3 The best Enduro ON/OFF tire for A new concept of Adventure and Enduro On/Off tyres dedicated toyour adventures, far and awayoff-road expeditions, featuring both off-road traction and on-road stability with an excellent mileage. 20-765110/80-19TL 59T M+SFranais 1-800-387-3359Improved Off-Road traction20-766120/70R-19TT 60Q M+Sand handling 20-76790/90-21TL 54T M+S30% more mileage that its20-7571 130/80-17TL 65R M+SpredecessorCutting edge tread design20-770 140/80-17TL 69T M+Slends to improved20-771150/70-17TL 69T M+Sperformance 20-772170/60R-17TL 72Q M+SSuitable for both light and20-779140/80-18TT 70T M+Sheavy Enduro bikes (versatile)Optional Fitment for BMW GS,20-780150/70-18TL 70T M+SEnglish 1-800-387-7625KTM 950 and other DP bikes (H)KAROO Extreme KAROO ExtremeMultipurpose and racing rally off- 20-780490/90-21TL 54Sroad tire with extreme traction and20-7805140/80-18 TL 70Rversatility 20-7806 150/70R-18TL 70SBlocks layout and shape for(H)www.fullboremarketing.camassive traction in desert dunes and off-road fordsStrength, resistance and durability for every long distance off-road applicationExtreme versatility of use on all kind of terrains including on-road transfersOutstanding stability on high-speed pipeline straightsKAROO(while supplies last)KAROO 20-751110/80R-19TL 59R M+S20-759150/70R17TL 69R M+STires(H)228'