b'Cruistec TiresCruisetec V-Twin 20-2546MT90B-16TL 72H20-2547130/90-16TL 73H Reinf. Perfecting performance for V-Twin bikes. 20-2548150/80-16TL 71H Cruisetec, a more performance-oriented tire, complements and completes the existing custom touring range for Metzeler which20-2549130/80-17TL 65Hincludes the Marathon 888.20-2550100/90-19TL 57HDynamic handling with a dual compound rear providing20-2551110/90-19 TL 62Houtstanding lateral and forward grip while maintaining excellent20-2552 120/70ZR-19 TL 60Wmileage. Enhanced tread pattern and high silica compound to promote20-2553130/60-19TL 61Hchemical grip on wet surfaces. 20-2554MH90-21TL 54H Extended grooves within the tread pattern to improve control20-2555120/70 21 TL 68H Reinf.when leaning and water evacuation.20-2535MU85B-16TL 77H Ideal for riders looking for the right balance between20-2536 130/90-16TL 73H Reinf.performance, versatility and personality.FAX 1-888-238-115420-2537150/80-16TL 77H Reinf.20-2538180/60R-16TL 80H Reinf.20-2539180/65-16TL 81H Reinf.20-2540180/70-16TL 77H20-2541160/70-17TL 79V20-2542200/55R-17TL 78V20-2543180/55-18TL 80H Reinf.Franais 1-800-387-335920-2544180/55ZR-18 TL 74W20-2545240/40R-18TL 79V (H)English 1-800-387-7625www.fullboremarketing.caTires223'