b'Sport Touring Bias Ply TiresBias Sport Touring TiresA sport-touring X-ply tire for all mid-size motorcycles and pre-vintage20-1925120/80V-16 TL 60Vbikes. Replaces ME33, ME330, ME55A, ME550, ME99A & ME1. 20-1928110/70-17TL 54H20-1929110/80-17TL 57HTread pattern design provides20-1934120/70-17TL 58Vexcellent water drainage which reduces hydroplaning 20-193690/90-18TL 51HCompounds insure higher20-1937100/90-18TL 56H OE Tri Thruxtonbraking on both wet and dry20-1938100/90-18TL 56Vsurfaces 20-1939110/80-18TL 58HClassic tread pattern designed to prevent irregular wear and20-1935110/80-18TL 58H T-Speccupping 20-1933110/90-1861H OE Triumph AmericaFAX 1-888-238-1154Multiple-Radius Contour Design20-1940110/90-1861Vis tuned specifically for biased20-1941100/90-19TL 57H OE Tri Bonnevilletouring and provides radial-type handling 20-1944100/90-19TL 57VHigh silica compound gives great grip in all weather and reduces20-1945110/90-19TL 62Hrolling resistance for improved mileage 20-19463.25-19TL 54HH-Rated for speeds up to 130 mph or V-Rated for 149 mph20-19483.50-19TL 57HFranais 1-800-387-335920-19493.50-19TL 57V20-195090/90-21TL 54H 20-1970130/90-16TL 67V20-1975150/80-16TL 71V20-1979130/80-17TL 65H20-1981130/90-17TL 68V20-1982140/80-17TL 69V20-1983140/80-17TL 69V Guzzi SpecialEnglish 1-800-387-762520-1989160/70-17TL 73V20-1992120/90-18TL 65V20-1993130/70-18TL 63H20-1994130/80-18TL 66V (H)www.fullboremarketing.caClassic & Special Application Tires 20-389130/90-15TL 66SF/R20-0932130/90-16TL 67HFront ME 77 is a favourite of20-0931130/90-16TL 73HRear Reinf.Classic and vintage bike owners because its time- 20-39524.60-16TL 59SRearhonoured tread pattern20-0933150/80-16TL 77HRear Reinf.and its rayon front, nylon20-3954.00-18TL 64HF/Rrear bias ply construction20-2504.00-1864PBlock K Sidecarwhich provides a comfortable ride at normal20-09343.50-19TL 57SFrontloads. 20-093590/90-21TL 54HFront Block K sidecar, simply a(H)Tiresclassic.ME77 Block K 221'