b'Sport & Mileage Budget Radial TiresRoadtec Z8 Interact 20-0979110/70ZR-17TL 54W20-0983120/60ZR-17TL 55WM-SpecFor highways and mountain roads20-0976120/70ZR-17TL 58WM-Specwith several much appreciated advances. And Multi Zone Tension20-0977120/70ZR-17TL 58WE-Spec OE Hon NC700Xtechnology structure for20-0981110/80ZR-18TL 58WM-Specperformance from the first mile, at20-0985120/70ZR-18TL 59W M-Specfull-load and in all weather20-0957150/70ZR-17TL 69WM-Specconditions. The combination offeatures makes the perfect tire for20-0955160/60ZR-17TL 69WM-Specmodern Sport Touring needs,20-0958170/60ZR-17TL 72WM-Specdedicated to riders making long- 20-0944180/55ZR-17TL 73WM-Spec DCdistance journeys and to devoted all-season sport riders with20-0945180/55ZR-17TL 73WK-Specreliability and riding easiness to20-0946180/55ZR-17TL 73WO-Spec DCenjoy the distance, safely. 20-0947190/50ZR-17TL 73WM-Spec DCFAX 1-888-238-1154M-Spec:Single ply carcass, modified carcass 20-0949190/50ZR-17TL 73WO-Spec DCO-Spec:Dual compound rear, 2 ply carcass 20-0953190/55ZR-17TL 75WC-Spec20-0951190/55ZR-17TL 75WM-Spec DC20-0943190/55ZR-17TL 75WO-Spec DC20-0959140/70ZR-18TL 67WM-Spec20-0961160/60ZR-18TL 70W M-SpecFranais 1-800-387-3359(H)Roadtec Z6 20-1009120/70ZR-17 TL 58W20-1004160/60ZR-17 TL 69WSport Touring Radials Budget Priced 20-1005160/70ZR-17 TL 73W20-1006170/60ZR-17 TL 72WRoadtec Z6 is the predecessor of20-1007180/55ZR-17 TL 73Wthe Z8, offering great versatility for English 1-800-387-7625bikes like BMWs, Ducati ST4S,20-1008160/60ZR-18 TL 70WHonda VFR 800 and ST 1300 Pan(H)European.Patented 0 steel belt technology for both front and rear tires provide a tuned carcass for perfect balance of performance for one and two-up riding; and minimized stand-up behaviour under mid-corner www.fullboremarketing.cabrakingUp to 20% dry grip improvement over the MEZ4 thanks to Finite Carbon Matrix, a carbon black compound structure. The flexibility of usage is thanks to new highly efficient compound mixing technology designed to give maximum stability in all riding conditionsSidewall construction provides a new level of bump absorptionMEZ4 & Z2 OE 20-1201110/70R-17 TL 54HMEZ420-126130/80R-17 TL 65HMEZ2 OE Thruxton/BonnevilleForerunner to the Z6, the ME Z4 is still(H)available in sizes not covered by the Z6 or where supplied as OE. Similar carcass Tires construction allows matching with Z6 fronts.220'