b'Sport & Mileage Radial TiresSportec M320-0341130/70ZR-16TL 61W20-0345120/70ZR-17TL 58WBudget Sports Tire 20-0360120/70ZR-17TL 58W E-Spec OE BMW HP2 S, 09 BMW K 1300 S20-0351160/60ZR-17TL 69W Delivers high grip under heavy20-0353180/55ZR-17TL 73Wpower while providing excellent mileage and a high performance20-0354190/50ZR-17TL 73Wlevel throughout its life 20-0361190/55ZR-17TL 75W E-Spec OE BMW HP2 S, 09 BMW K 1300 S Multi-radius carcass design and(H)advanced tread pattern work great wet and reduce hydroplaning Balanced profile enables the rider to get the best handling FAX 1-888-238-1154and high speed stability, while the tread design promotes uniform wearRoadtec 01 20-0914100/90-16TL 54H20-0915110/90-16TL 59VROADTEC 01 is the latest20-0916110/70-17TL 54HFranais 1-800-387-3359evolution in touring tires, with a focus on enhancing grip on wet20-0917110/80-17TL 57Vand low friction surfaces, an20-0902120/60ZR-17TL 55Wincreased mileage and a high20-0900120/70ZR-17TL 58Wdegree of adaptability to20-0901120/70ZR-17TL 58W HWMdifferent motorcycles, riding styles and conditions.20-0918100/90-18TL 56V20-0919110/90-18TL 61V New tread design and rubber compound for better grip on20-0903110/80R-19TL 59VEnglish 1-800-387-7625all road surfaces 20-0920100/90-19TL 57V New tread groove geometry20-09213.25-19TL 54Vand profile provide extended20-09223.25-19TL 54Hmileage and performance consistency20-0904120/70ZR19TL 60WOE Ducati Scrambler Metzeler Interact technology20-0923130/70-17TL 62Hfor improved precision and20-0924130/80-17TL 65Hriding comfort20-0925130/90-17TL 68V20-0926140/80-17TL 69Vwww.fullboremarketing.ca20-0927150/70-17TL 69V20-0905150/70R-17TL 69V OE Ducati Scrambler20-0906160/60ZR-17TL 69W20-0907170/60ZR-17TL 72W20-0910180/55ZR-17TL 73W20-0911180/55ZR-17TL 73WHWM20-0908190/50ZR-17TL 73W20-0909190/50ZR-17TL 73WHWM20-0912190/55ZR-17TL 75W20-0913190/55ZR-17TL 75WHWM20-0928120/80-18TL 62H20-0929 120/90-18TL 65VTires20-09304.00-18TL 64V (H)219'