b'Supersport/Track Day/High Performance TiresMetzeler Racetec InteractOEM Track Day PerformanceIncreased cornering grip, performance and durability make the Racetec the logical choice for track days 19-9160120/70ZR-17 TL 58W K3OE 2011 Tri Speed TripleLow Thermoplacisity provides fast and even warm19-9162190/55ZR-17 TL 75W K3OE 2011 Tri Speed Tripleup for excellent confidence(H)from the first cornerPatented 0 steel belt construction front and rear provide excellent stability for FAX 1-888-238-1154braking, outstanding precision handling and reduced stand-up tendency during front braking while corneringSportec M7 RRFranais 1-800-387-3359Wet road. Dry road. Just ride it.Engineered to empower true riders.Engineered to empower true riders with a sporty riding style, using their motorcycles in all conditions, weather and temperature.Sporty Handling: the combination of profiles derived from the Road Racing activities with high stiffness structures delivers an extremely agile handling for a sporty riding style on all roads.English 1-800-387-7625Grip in all Conditions: 100% Silica compounds combined with a special tread pattern gives SPORTEC M7 RR the unique capability to keep the sporty riding stile also in cold conditions, wet roads and greasy and grimy tarmac surfaces. 20-04007110/70ZR-17 TL 54WExtended Mileage: 20% more20-04017120/60ZR-17 TL 55Wmileage compared to 20-04027120/70ZR-17 TL 58W M-SpecSPORTEC M5 INTERACT. A20-04057150/60ZR-17 TL 66Wdual compound solution on www.fullboremarketing.carear sizes allows the use of a20-04067160/60ZR-17 TL 69Wspecific material on the central20-04097180/55ZR-17 TL 73Wslick portion of the tread20-04107190/50ZR-17 TL 73Wpattern to increase abrasion resistance and extend the20-04137190/55ZR-17 TL 75Wmileage capability. 20-04147200/55ZR-17 TL 78W(H)INTERACT: 3 Zones Tension TechnologyInteract Technologys new scheme with a 3 zone tension provide a comfort and mileage for sport-touring, in order to enjoy the distance, safely: High steel belts winding tension in the center reduces compound movement and increases stability of the footprint area which reduces wear and ensures high speed stability on long motorway journeys (centre zone 2)TiresLow steel belts winding tension creates more flexibility and therefore higher energy absorption, the compound increases the temperature and in a way becomes softer offering more grip while leaning. (Shoulder zones 1 & 3)218'